How to calculate frequency of any item


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Nov 14, 2011
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If you follow the theory that LRL’s use audio frequencies, you can measure the wavelength of an item then calculate the frequency by dividing the wavelength into 1100 feet per second (the speed of sound).

So you place the item on the ground and stand over it for a minute or longer then walk away from it until the rod responds. Now you measure this distance. Then divide it into 1100. So if the measured distance is 15 feet, 1100/15 = 73.33 Hz. This probably won’t be perfectly accurate but you can try this and see if you need to slightly adjust the frequency up or down at one Hertz at a time. The rod should cross/close when you are directly over the item or else you need to adjust a little more.

This video is from the LRLMAN YouTube channel.

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