I Fought the Good Fight guys….


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Oct 3, 2003
Syracuse, ny
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So here I started with only the best intentions of seeking out deep and profound knowledge as it pertains to new technology and detectors that rise above. Well…. One thread lead to another then 2 then 3, before I knew it I was rattling down the hallways of XP Nirvana-isims. So intriguing we’re your stories, your experiences that I felt lost in some magical world of virgin racetracks. You see, we were pretty hot stuff back in the day, way back. We felt as though our 20+ yr old Machines had simply cleaned out what was to be found and those trashy areas could keep their coins anyway. Ah yes, the Tesoro’s, Spectrum and Garrett’s just couldn’t miss. But what if…….
So, the next moment I was on the phone with a guy, just seeking more info of course. Bart we’ll call him, at Big Boys caught me off guard. Damn it if he wasn’t friendly, knowledgeable and polite! What kind of man had I enountered!! I fought hard I tell you, firing off questions and trying desperately to hold the hill but I was the proverbial cornered cat!! I knew my weakness showed and in one last desperate act I reached back for the cold steely relief I so relied upon, but only the feel of smooth leather surfaced? Now dazed I fumbled and pulled out a silver of plastic, rattling off numbers like an overworked accountant on speed and when the smoked cleared I stood proud again. I gave in to the urge but knew my brothers on the ridge would approve of the fight.
So, iron be damned let’s air out that Deus 2 and share our finds on the backside.
Sorry for the humor, it’s how I deal!


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Nov 22, 2012
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You won't regret it. I started out with a White's. One days some guys literally blew me away with something called a "Tesoro". I mean they smoked me really bad! I stuck with that brand until a few years ago when I went with the Deus I and now Deus II.

Times and technology has certainly changed. I have gone over my spots with the Deus and pulled out quite a lot. You know when you dig a Civil War percussion cap at 6" you're doing ok.

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