Its big and its blue


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May 5, 2014
Chester County, Pennsylvania
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It's big and it's blue


I believe it is Kyanite at the moment. There is a nice little story to this and how I found it.

I was on a field trip way back in my pre High school years.(I'm 23 and going into my last semester of college now.)
We had all gone to help plant a few trees and things. While digging with a small group of others I pulled this out of the ground and eventually went to wash it off. It was covered in a thick mud/clay mixture from what I remember. I asked if I could keep it and the answer was yes and I still have this hand sized stone today and I hope I always do. I forget the location of where this was found and that makes me a little bit sad to be honest. I would love to go back and look more.

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Always interesting to find an unusual stone in random dirt!

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