Locations in n.e. alabama for kids to learn?


Aug 28, 2022
My kids have been wanting me to take them "diggin" like my dad took me when I was younger. Dad only remembers directions to place in Tn, but with my kids being young I'd like to stay kinda in the area we're in for now. Areas we could do would be Woodville. Scottsboro. Hollywood. Fackler. Stevenson. May even could do sand mountain area if not too far. Is there any areas around in there that we'd be able to search or know anyone we could get permission from?
I dont have a metal detector so if anyone knows of existing area on creek bed or old dump site in that range, it would be greatly appreciated.
Iv told the kids how we would find old war bullets, colored bottles, marbles, pretty rocks dad would dig up while searching and pottery pieces. I asked the kids what they'd like to find and they said "whatever we find will be great!" I personally like buttons, ink bottles, crock/pottery pieces, but my holy grail find would be old doll pieces (like the old bisque head and limbs with a soft body you have to sew to it) I make them from clay so would love to find actual old one.
Honestly any help would be greatly appreciated on how to start all this. I'd really like for my kids to experience this while they are expressing interest. My boys are 8,6,2 and I try to express gratitude and respect for elders and family history; like how ppl went through a lot in life to get where we are today, but maybe finding somthing tangible would help it sink in more for them.

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