Looking for Ted and TJ from Niantic, Connecticut

Jan 12, 2008
Looking for Ted and TJ from Niantic, Connecticut


I'm looking for these persons concerning their CoolerBox Detector Case they have designed and that appears on the Kellyco website.

They are father and son team and enjoy going together metal detecting.

If this rings a bell to someone, could you have them contact me, or come post on the forum please.

Their CoolerBox Detector Case should be better published for posterity's sake ;-) It's such a great homebrewed project, a few small photos won't suffice


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Oct 10, 2007
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Yes - Kellyco is also interested in finding Ted and TJ. We received pictures of them but it was so long ago that we have lost their contact information. Check out the link and see if you recognize them! Power the internet - UNITE!

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