Lost. Garrett Pinpointer Hanover Park area ((Hanover Park, Rhone) ?

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Dec 19, 2003
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yes however Hanover is in York County

but there may be a Hanover Park, in Luzerne

most likely it is Luzerne somewhere

Rubicon said:
Luzerne county, just outside of Warrior Run.

cool Thanks !

Couldn't seem to get anything Concrete
on Yahoo search

I Google Earthed all the parks that I know of in Hanover township, (between Wilkes-Barre and Nanticoke), and none of them seem to be on a "Front st."

18706 front street Hanover twp. Warrior run area? between I81 and us29, Scranton suburb, there is a ball field there. :icon_thumright:

I hope this will clear things up a bit.


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Ah, that's what they call "Espy" around here. lol.
Now I know the park. That's right near concrete city.
My only question is, if the guy knows where he lost it, why hasn't he gone back to find it?
Is he not local?

maybe it was Gone when they got back
Maybe even picked up by a Detector user.
& hopeing the add will help,
Or if it was too big of an area for
them to retrace their steps due to age.

Would be destroyed by the rains by now
if still there.
I Don't think they are water proof ?

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