Macon Missouri


Sep 7, 2017
Macon Missouri
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Hi I'm a life long detectorist and resident of Macon Missouri. My family owns some land where several coal mining camps were located some time around the early 1900s. I was wondering if there is any kind of map where I could narrow down the locations of these camps. I'd al so LOVE to get in touch with anyone located near me who would like to swap info or metal detect together! I love my hometown very deeply but no one around here is into this wonderful hobby, unfortunately.


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Jul 2, 2012
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Minelab CTX 3030, Minelab E-Trac, Garrett Super Sluice, Banjo Pan
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Yes, there are many great map resources you can find online for Macon County. Some of my favorites are the Missouri State Historical Society database of old plat maps and ArcGIS. A lot of the USGS survey maps from the 40's and 50's have mines listed. I have done some research in the Macon County area for Civil War sites, not ventured up there yet. I live about 1.5 hours south. My wife and I were close last weekend, made it up to Randolph County to detect a bit and pan for some glacial gold. Feel free to give me a holler some time!

State Historical Society:


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