made diy bazooka mini trap sluice plans for laser cutter


Apr 5, 2008
Well if that line measure is totaled it comes to 36 1/16th inch , that's to minor to even include, I PM'd you this morning.

This mornings test was a let down in that access to the low tide area is now a construction zone and the boat ramp is unusable. Back to the slow moving river the box collected lots of fine sand, the slow moving water didn't allow for the proper washing action in the recovery box area that I could see. The sand was very good to see, the unit would be better made from something non floating as keeping it down is a minor problem, a bigger rock took care of that

A bigger unit with a metal lower box area with a bolt in middle shelf and small punch plate ramp are now in the works.
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Jan 30, 2015
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Try searching and reading every bazooka post on this site. There are many. It’ll be hours of reading but all excellent info. Especially the particulars of getting it setup with the proper flow. I don’t know that anyone has really been successful in setting it up freestanding as a ‘river sluice’. Very fast flow is required, and the discharge end should not be submerged. Typically it is setup on a cascade where there is a large plume running through a narrow area, and there is some drop involved.

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