took the new mackirk alaskan flair out for a run today!


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Dec 6, 2009
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Deep Tech Vista RG 1000, Deep Tech Vista Gold, Deep Tech RELIC, Garrett prop pointer.....bazooka gold 36" gold trap, Angus MacKirk Grubstake sluice, my version of mikes trommel, echo crevice vac, Gold
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All Treasure Hunting
this sluice works very well did some experimenting too, I also took my trammel out hooked up the water bar system and worked really good too but running back and fourth from trammel to sluice and running material got to be a pain so after the first clean up from what was run through the trammel I got 2 pieces of fly poop gold which made me pretty happy so I figured I must have pretty near right for water flow then I decided to run without classification to see if you would lose gold well after I ran like this and 3 clean ups and different spots later theres no doubt if your not classifying to at least 1/2" your going to blow it right out through for sure so I came up with a plan that I'm going to try next I also have a angus mackirk bucket grizzly classifier and I think I can mount this right onto the flair with a couple of holes drilled and using some pins to hold in place I think this will work awesome anyways got little gold to add to the vile and comeback with some more knowledge and I'm really liking stream sluicing and like listening to the stream and even when I was panning sitting on the bank the little trout were sitting there watching the material come out of the pan waiting for some food to come out I guess hoping my son over time will be interested in doing this with me 10 years old some days I can get him to stay focused about a almost a hour and then dad can we go home now ...........oh well maybe as he gets older ....but anyways mackirks great sluice ..proved they sure can catch the tiny stuff for sure!

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