Madison County...Blankinships Buried Silver

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Nov 29, 2005
Madison County...Blankinship's Buried Silver

Maybe with a little digging from someone wjho lives near here....they might be able to find Walters buried Silver......

western NC (Madison Co).

Sidney Blankenship m. Susan Lupar. Their children (not all proven) were:
Walter, James Thomas, Quince, Vance, Emmaline (twin), Clementine (twin) and
It has been said that Walter was an accomplished
silversmith. They say he made his own silver coins and bullets; that he
buried silver treasures

I was able to track
Robert Vance Blankinship who was from Madison County (Hot Springs, NC). I
His parents are listed as Sidney Blankinship and Susan Jane Looper.

Then from roots web someone had posted this:
Sidney Blankinship was my Great great-grandmothers father.
(Emmaline Rose Blankinship) here in Alexander Co., NC
He married Elizabeth Williams and had two daughters here.
Then as the story went ran off with Liz Looper and went West and they never heard from him again. Emma married
James W. Gilreath and had 11 children. Her sister never married. They all lived on the same Farm that the Williams owned."

1850 Census, Alexander Co, NC
Benjamin W. Blankenship 45yrs (Born Ca 1805)
Wife, Jane 38 yrs.
Children: James 17: Sidney 15: Tizah 13: Martha 8 and Benjamin 4

Census records indicate Benjamin's father and mother were born in NC


Sep 8, 2016
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The story I heard about Great, Great Grandfather Sidney Blankenship is when he came home from the Civil War, his wife had given birth to a black baby. He sent her away. My Great Grandfather was Robert Vance Blankenship. As a youth, I spent a lot of time in Hot Springs and Madison County. I still go there at least twice a year. The family cemetery is up at Bonnie Hill, off Shut-Inn Creek. I have a letter that my Great Aunt Georgia wrote about some of the history. Sidney Blankenship raised his family in Madison County, North Carolina on Shut-In Creek.


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Jan 15, 2019
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I'm down to check out any possible leads. I live in the town of Mars Hill NC, just 5 minutes from the historic college. My family also owns property in madison county near Burnsville NC. I search the old dump on my parents property and local parks etc. I have been looking for a specific treasure to chase! I have 4wd and plenty of equipment and ability to get to rough places etc. Id love more info on this story, or details if any else are known? I have been researching the history of my town for years and know there was plenty of action from both sides right here during the civil war. Not to mention the native American history etc. I'm new here and plan to post a formal introduction, but my mother linked me to this thread and this is the main reason I've come here. I'm a treasure hunter to the core, I'm sure I will get involved in the other threads lol. Thanks for any info or even just for the info provided. I will start researching and try to get out and look as soon as I have an idea of a good spot! I will be sure to post back if I find any good info... or treasure! Good luck to all!
Jim Brown


Jan 4, 2020
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I live in Hot Springs! Would like to go detecting with you if you're interested. MrMarsHill
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Jan 16, 2020
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My Great-great Grandfather was Robert Vance Blankenship... Aunt Carla?


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Sep 6, 2008
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Just a note, Gypsy Heart is awesome, but, you are replying to an 11 year old thread.



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Jul 15, 2013
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Anyone know what happened to gypsy she had lots of info and was on a lot then gone.

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