🏁 COMPLETED Minelab Xterra 705 with 5 coils (nice)

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Feb 22, 2016
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Looking to trade my 705 with 5 coils for a Nokta Makro Legend, If you bought a Legend and it is not for you then this Xterra is a great deal, Everyone knows how expensive coils for the Xterra's are and this one will come with 5 coils. The most expensive coil on the list is the Mars Sniper coil which is a dual frequency coil, it will run in either 3 khz or 18.75 khz so it is good for low conductive targets and high conductive targets depending on which frequency you use, I purchased this coil new for close to 200.00 , also included is the Magic 5x8 DD that runs at 7.5 khz, thats good for coin shooting in trashy areas, next is the Minelab 6 inch round DD that runs at 18.75 khz, this coil is great for finding targets in extreme trash, the last 2 coils are stock concentric 9 inch coils, one is 3 khz and one is 7.5 khz. Also included are 2 new extra lower rods which gives you a total of 3 lower rods. It will also come with a Minelab rain and dust cover. This is a great package that I invested a good bit of money into, all for a Nokta Makro Legend.


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