✅ SOLVED Need Help Identifying Post Civil War Button- NC?


Sep 19, 2015
North Carolina
Detector(s) used
Garrett AT Pro
Primary Interest:
While at a spot today I found this lying on the surface of a pile of rubble. I know its the North Carolina state seal on it, But I was hoping to get some more information on it as I found very little.. ???

Cleaning tips also appreciated! :)

Thanks! And happy hunting!

Nice find! How big is the button? Ive heard navy jelly works well on those gilt buttons. Someone on here should pin this one down fast I'm sure.

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Don't use naval jelly-too harsh. Aluminum jelly works great on gilt and it is a lot easier on the button.

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They sell that exact button at Regimental Quartermaster (for reenactors). Hope you got the real deal but since you found it on top...

I'm seeing more and more reenactment 'relics' coming in to my local club in the last couple of years.


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I've found the same site! I'm hoping its genuine, but since I can't find any info on an original I'll have to assume its From Regtqm. :sadsmiley: Bummer

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