Nice antique railroad button


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Mar 8, 2014
SW Michigan
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Railroad button 051924.jpgRailroad button reverse 051924.jpg

Quick internet search tells me this is an antique railroad button. But I could not readily tie it to a railroad, at least not one that I know operated locally. It was found not much further than a block from a current Amtrak rail, but pretty sure it pre-dates Amtrak.

Coins 051924.jpgCoins reverse 051924.jpg

Just a couple crusty Indians to boot.

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Antique railroad button


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Nice button. Burlington Northern Limited??
Good guess. Not sure though. Burlington Northern dates back to the 70s. The lined design of the button makes me think it is older than that...reminds me of the old police and firefighter buttons. But maybe they continued using that design much later than I thought.


I also see Brookhaven National Laboratory, established in 1947 near NYC.

There's one exactly like it on ebay right now.
It says "BNL Railroad", but no further ID.

Wikipedia has a List of shortline railroads in the United States by state. I find none in MI with those initials, but I haven't checked other states or Canada.

I might expand the search beyond railroads.

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