Nice heavy gold ring, 1906 peddlers license, silver earring for my dragon and 2 more silvers from the ground


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Apr 20, 2018
Mountain Maryland
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Fisher CZ-21, Minelab Equinix 800, ,Garret AT Pro,
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All Treasure Hunting
I went to a small set of ball fields that has one baseball field and one regular sized soccer field that is being divided into smaller fields for very young players. I have detected most of it before and on this trip and in the past I have seen signs that someone else detects there as well. I’m looking mostly for new losses and an occasional deep find missed in the past.

I spent 4.5 hours swingin the CZ21 hitting the high traffic spots doing a loose grid pattern. Not a whole lot of signals, but enough good ones to make the trip worth while. I found 62 Coins with a face value of $4.31, an earring, part of a brass flag swivel snap, 2 pieces of a toy car, a TV cable connection, a few aluminum caps, tabs, can slaw, some chunks of heavy gauge copper wire that looks like it was hit by a mower, and 2 old pull off tab beer cans (about 18 inches down).


My new dragon friend likes the earring, but she will have to get in line. My wife thinks it will make a nice pendant for one of her chains so she will get it. Happy wife makes life easier and when she gets the booty no objections when you want to go out and play in the dirt.


The guy who does my plumbing is an old friend from scouting. It turns out he has two houses that are over 100 years old located in the city about 10 miles from my place and his cousin owns another old home so I have 2 new permissions and the possibility of a third so off I went with hopes for something good.

I spent 3.5 hours covering the entire yard front and back. The front yard was about 30 x 6 and the back was about 10 x 20. Not a lot of detectable ground and when I was just about done he came home and we talked. It turns out that the original back yard is now under 3 feet of fill that was put in sometime in the 1970s so all the real goodies are too deep to beep.

I did manage to find 81 coins with a face value of $3.39, a pocket watch back, a wheatie, a silver quarter, a railroad penny, part of a pocket watch guts, 2 toy car pieces, a toy truck (MIDGETOY ROCKFORD ILL), a clock gear, only 2 tabs, bits of copper pipe and plumbing fittings and a little miscellaneous metal.


The wheatie is a 1939 and the quarter is a worn 1943. (At least I got a silver out of the hunt). The squashed penny looks like it was left on the railroad tracks, something the kids like to do.


The pocket watch back is a nice decorative one, but there are no identifying marks on it inside or out. No way to know exactly how old it is.


I went to the other house my plumber gave me permission for. The yard has a lot of weeds and is in bad shape, but the house was built in 1900 so again I am hoping for the best. This one doesn’t appear to have a lot of fill dirt.

I spent 4 hours covering about half the yard. Not a huge number of good targets, but some interesting items. Altogether I found 43 coins with a face value of $1.00, a watch back, 6 wheaties, a license from 1906, 2 buttons, a house key, a chromed brass whatzit (labeled BEEGEE PAT. MAR. 24. 14 MADE IN U.S.A.), an old model T valve stem cover, harmonica reeds, a brass cap with fastening tabs on the back, a brass handle, a clock gear, a toy truck and pieces of toy cars, some tabs, a little can slaw and 3 copper wire connectors with copper wire.


The 1906 LICENSE CUMBERLAND, MD got me real excited. I’ve never seen one like it before. It was down about 6 inches under a tangle of maple tree roots by the stump of a tree that was about 100 years old (recently cut down). I almost gave up on it because of the difficulty of getting through the tangle of roots. Glad I didn’t. I’m not sure what kind of license it is. Not for a car and too big for a dog (they were issued by the county, not the city). My best guess is a vendors license for a push cart possibly. I’ll try and check with the city and see if they know anything about it.




The button is also an interesting find. It has WVa C on the front with a line under the a so it is definitely West Virginia, but what does the C stand for? The backmark is JACOB REEDS SONS PHIL. The company operated from 1824 to 1980. The name changed to REEDS SONS after Jacob passed in 1880. From the style and backmark my best guess is that this button is probably from somewhere between 1890 and the 1930s.



The watch back has a model or registration number stamped on the inside. It is very thin and it looked like it might be silver. My jeweler friend says he is pretty sure it is. I did a test and it appears to be coin silver and not sterling. It’s kind of beat up, but silver is always good and that makes 3 hunts in a row with silver.



I will need to go back and finish that yard next week. The cousin’s house will not be detected by me any time soon. His wife got a detector a few weeks ago and wants to do the yard first. I offered to help get her started if they want help.

Weekends have been busy, but I did make it out to the middle school one day and it was a good one. I spent 6 hours swingin the CZ21 and found 84 coins with a face value of $5.06, 5 wheaties, 6 screw in cleats, 3 rings, an ACE bandage clip, a plated spoon bowl, an earring, a toy figure, a sinker, a pendant, copper and aluminum wire, aluminum bottle caps, can slaw, foil, tabs and pencil ends.


The silver ring is partly mashed and is marked 925. On closer inspection it looks like it was a spinner ring. Kind of cool looking. The gold ring is the first gold of my new detecting year that started May 1st. It is a large size comfort band and is pretty hefty for a wedding band. It weighs 9.6 grams or .31 troy ounces. It is marked 14k with a TW inside an oval for a makers mark.


Detecting can be weird sometimes. On this hunt I found 13 coins and the gold ring on the first pass on the grid. Then no coins on the next pass and a half. Then a few more coins on each pass and then no coins for almost an hour. A group came to practice on the field so I moved to extend a different grid and I found the silver ring on the last pass before I left. You never know when the goodies will show up and you just have to keep going and cover all the ground if you want to find them.

I only found 4 pennies walking around town this week, but I did find an earring at the mall. We had gone around once and were on our second round when I spotted it. It was definitely a new loss, right place right time. It is gold colored but it is marked 925 MEXICO so it is silver that is plated to look like gold.



So 5 silvers and a gold this week, 4 hunts in a row with silver. That hasn’t happed for a good while. The gold is the fist one I have found in a good while (last one was December 23). Thanks for looking, stay safe, good luck and may your coil lead you to good things.


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Nice finds. Perhaps WVa Cavalry??
Thanks for the reply. I’m about 99% sure it’s not military. The company made buttons for hundreds if not thousands of commercial uniforms so it could be almost anything.

Thanks again, stay safe, good luck and keep swingin.

Nice bunch of finds! I appreciate the very thorough descriptions of your hunts.

You have a great method of sharing your great day to day recoveries.
Congratulations on your success
Thanks again for sharing
Thank you both for the kind words. They are appreciated. Stay safe, good luck and keep swingin .

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