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Apr 19, 2011
Hello all, I am from Ontario, Canada and I am looking to get into treasure hunting. I would like to start out with a metal detector that is simple and easy to use that would pick up gold, silver, metals and etc... I am interested to find out what you would recommend me starting out with. I am also looking for information on any good books, tools, starting spots and anything else you think may help me. I would like to keep the expense for metal detector under $750 also. I am looking for something simple and effective, especially for depth!

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Jun 17, 2010
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The best M D is the one you do the most research on looking for what fits you. Theses threads are for you and me.

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Hi JC.

Why don't you research a
Minelab Xterra 505, $548.00
*Teknetics g2 with a 11'dd $699.00 (Fantastic new reviews) Excellent in high trash
*Fisher Goldbug DP with the 11' coil $699.00 ( Same " " " ) Same

Tesoro anything --------- LIFETIME WARRANTY , light weight, turn on and beep units.

And don't worry about extreme depth ok? It's all about separation of the good from bad, which comes with good current electronics. The more depth you get, the more trash you get. Make sense?

Don't spend a lot of money buying expensive tools etc... Go ask questions, visit the local Historians, Museums. Study some free online maps of your area. Go with the attitude detecting, that if you find something it's just a bonus. Any of these folks here will tell you, the best stuff came to us when we least expected it, relaxed enjoying the outing. I am by no means a pro, but I have been around this a while and I like to help others when I can. For the money you are wanting to spend, the above Manufactures, and their machines I listed will suit you just fine. I am personally getting ready to purchase the Teknetics G2 or the T2 because of their recent reported target separation in high trash areas. If one were to purchase a superior "first detector" , it should be for its ability to perform this task, rather than get extreme depth.


Here are some dealer you may want to contact. American Dealers are not permitted to ship outside the Continental US

* My personal Most recommended at your price range after recent reviews 2011


Mar 28, 2011
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I would recommend giving Kellyco a call. Our sales agents are trained experts in metal detectors and can answer any question. They will also have a lot of questions for you - like what kind on terrain will you be detecting on, dry or wet areas, etc. We then can recommend the right detector for you in your price range. Our number is (888) 535-5926 or just click this link below: Let me know if I can do anything to help also. Bridget

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