One outta the cornfield


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Nov 13, 2020
s.e. Minnesota’s driftless area
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
The weather?s cooling and the corn is drying
Made it to the cornfield for a few hours today
Found this guy laying right on the surface
Unsure of its type right now 2 7/8? in length
S.e. Minnesota surface find 7D00FD8B-3CD3-4CE2-8E9C-62FBCCCCB309.jpeg 16F4B35E-37CE-4000-BFD0-68E825ED3136.jpeg 69138916-145A-4986-B768-48C8169F7185.jpeg D335DFD1-DDCA-42B0-B46C-9ED5E42CDF57.jpeg C8815AEF-18A9-4156-B7F0-0CFC0FA87FF4.jpeg 39E5398C-BB73-4591-81D9-B54A74A3FC18.jpeg AA2238D0-CAAE-40AE-9167-21E2501FE873.jpeg ACA035BC-F2E7-43D1-BB1E-F3F8B6E99834.jpeg
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