Question about areas rich in silver


Apr 21, 2024
Here's the backstory: A mule drawn cart travelling through my region hauling a load of silver bullion stopped by the roadside and became stuck in the muck and before all the silver could be saved, quite a bit sank up.
The story I heard was from a local in my region who is from a prominent family that i had met while surveying property for his estate. He said he was told by an older local who had apparently spent a lot of time searching for this lost silver cart but never found it.
My question is: Since silver tarnishes over time, would if make the surrounding soil ultra dark and blackish, even in swampish land? I'm asking because I found one particular place that is not far from the original road that was built pre-revolution era. It's also in an area that could have migrated from erosion, settling, etc; closer to where the original story-told location was thought to be. It is swampish and may just be a natural spring marsh but the soil is super rich and super dark. Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions!


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Nov 3, 2012
I don’t think the silver would turn the ground dark, but a wagon load of silver might be detected by a metal detector, that would be my first try.

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