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Sep 8, 2004
Miami Beach
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The fabled gold of the RMS Republic has taunted treasure hunters for more than a century. The day after her sinking, newspapers published multiple unconfirmed reports that "a large sum of money" had gone down with the ship, riches that were later described to be "beyond most men's wildest dreams." Only relatively recently, however, has subsea technology - utilizing a Diving Support Vessel with a saturation diving system - enabled a real and unique opportunity to recover her riches. The hunt for Republic's treasure has become one of the most publicized and followed sunken treasure stories in the world. Join us as we bring this century-old mystery of the "Millionaires' Ship" to an exciting and, we believe, very prosperous conclusion!

The adventure begins again, summer 2022!

See our Events and News page at our website for current information.

Capt. Martin Bayerle


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