Scraper and a Small Flint Axe?


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Apr 6, 2023
Well, I am making several posts lately, but recent rains moved the gravel bars of the creek I walk at lunch quite a bit. From the same gravel bar where I found a scraper and the others come these two pieces.

Here is the first one that I think could be another thumb scraper. That is what I am going with my growing but still very limited knowledge.


The second one looks like a broken bit, with perhaps a half-groove (the dark area in the center of the third photo, it is a deeper grove than it looks in the photo), BUT, that is me being hopeful. The only reason I am making this observation is that the end of the bit looks like it may have been flaked, although it is not as visible as the first piece. Whether natural worked, if the wedged-like bit was complete it looks like it would be a useful tool, hafted, of just held with the fingers. Also, the back end looks like a good tiny hammer.


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Oct 12, 2011
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the third and fourth picture show classic flake removal from the top down.... very nice example of it actually.

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Apr 24, 2017
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Your finding a lot of fringe stuff, I’d say the first looks worked but I don’t see any fine edge work so I’d guess it was a short lived tool. The second one I’m more skeptical about, hopefully soon you’ll post a nice big knife or something.


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Apr 6, 2023
Your finding a lot of fringe stuff, I’d say the first looks worked but I don’t see any fine edge work so I’d guess it was a short lived tool. The second one I’m more skeptical about, hopefully soon you’ll post a nice big knife or something.
I find quite a few unfinished, and broken pieces, along with a variety of small scrapers, which are the most common of my finds. I have found a Godley point, and the base of an unknown point, and my wife who sometimes goes with me found a Gary point, all in the same couple of gravel bars. Like you said, I have found some fringe stuff, some I have not posted yet, but show obvious signs of flaking. They are all fairly small pieces that are not just debitage or flakes, but I do not have a clue what they would be used for. I have Lar Hothem's book with the green cover, and found a flat tool with a base that is nearly identical to an end scraper shown in his book. The business end has a sharp edge, but there is no flaking to it beyond the few large pieces that make flattened side. The edge is not worked, but it is sharp.

I am happy with what I am finding, and growing more curious about the culture(s) who made them, but I keep hoping I will find a large blade of some kind, or a scraper the side of my hand, a stone axe, or more points. It certainly is fascinating hobby that creates a great deal of wonder.


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Feb 2, 2019
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In one of William Moody’s YouTube videos, he says, “every piece tells a part of the story.”
Studying every piece the way you do is the best way to learn.
The handful of discards, debitage and artifacts is evidence that the area you are searching a good one.
I’m not seeing much in these fragments to add to what has already been said.
Not an Axe.
Not a Scraper. (Looks like a wedge?)
I think the material is good.


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Jul 27, 2006
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1st one shows signs of possible work but more likely debitage, no edge work at all visable, 2nd one shows no signs of being worked or ever used.

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