Selling Scrap Sterling?


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Jun 22, 2010
Baltimore MD
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I'm a picker, not a stacker. The place I used to sell my sterling at 90% of spot is no longer available. I have maybe 1/2 lb or so of sterling flatware and sterling scrap gleaned from weighted/reinforced pieces. Do you have a recommendation on an honest refiner/buyer that offers 90% or better payout? I'm hoping this is the best place for my question, let me know if there is a better forum .

I could have sworn I read on their site that they no longer do silver, but it's still there and with a faster turnaround than they used to have. I must have misread something, maybe about gold-filled and silverplate and got sterling mixed up in there. Thanks! It does say they don't do gold-filled in the FAQ, and I know they used to. I may check out NTR just because they are close. Thanks again!

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