Spanish Directional Markers lead to old gold mines and other relic sites


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Feb 16, 2018
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Minelab 2300, Makro Golden Gate, OKM EXP 4500 Pro, Garrett Hand Held Detectors, Falcon MD 20, English dowsing springs, Darley Spanish Dip Needle, L-Rods, what’s left of my brain :o)
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All Treasure Hunting
Hello All,

After hearing about this Spanish Directional Marker via Terry Carter Treasure Hunter video. Through research I was able to locate the marker after a long hike in hot weather. (Be sure and take water, compass, food and a gun). The marker and a subsequent marker are in northern New Mexico. One is still in the ground the other is in the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico. The area is a desolate spot and it is near where I found the number 7 carved into a flat rock. An interesting area full of history.

Standing next to the stone I ascertained the direction of travel by reading what the stone marker said and came up with the conclusion that the direction it gave pointed to a gold mine and is less than a half mile from a still working Newmont gold mine. That made me quite satisfied that what I was looking at was a Spanish Directional Marker not the Knights Templar designation as mentioned in the video. The other Spanish Directional Marker in the St. James Hotel also gave me a clue to and equally important if not fantastic T site of which I won’’t mention here due to it being on private property.

Once again I reiterate that the marker is Spanish not Templar.

Please look at the photographs and tell ‘em what you think.



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