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Mar 19, 2009
Northwest OHIO
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started out with compass nugget.1970? have had many over years, current choice is Garrett ACE 350. collection includes: ace 250, AT Pro, ATX, Whites 6000, whites classic, still have my compass too.
Many times on my way to work I stop by a flea market type store, the other day I seen a steel straight edge, 6 foot long, i grabbed it , thinking I can use this on my upolstery work or my wood working, as I looked at it I seen the starrett name, wow , what a find, then I seen the price sticker 10 dollars? wow , catalog number C404R looked it up when I got home, one website shows price at over 600 dollars,,, very happy camper


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Sep 27, 2020
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Starrett makes good stuff,pricey but never wears out i,ve got a Mike and dial caliper I,ve had for nigh on to 30 years and as good as the day I bought em.Congrats on your find,use it,that,s what it,s made for.

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