Swift silver mine (KY)

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Oct 28, 2014
North Central Kentucky
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Just off the top of my head without looking through my notes, a journalist from SE Kentucky wrote a book about his journey from skeptic to believer. The last piece of evidence was a spearpoint (eight inches long?) made from silver ore. Michael Green? Doesn't seem like the right name, but close. If you did a search on books about the Swift legend, you should find his name easily,
Over in the Red River Gorge area some silver ingots were dug up a few years ago. They were found by decyphering Cherokee writing on the stones nearby, more was supposedly hidden but the guy who got the translation did an incomplete job.
Fellows, it's there. We just have to do more research both in print material and land surveys.

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Michael Steely found the crude silver spear point I believe. A few silver bars were found along the Red River some years back, read the reports but don't remember the details...

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