Treasure finds behind the door


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Jan 5, 2020
East Tennessee
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Whites, Radio Shack, Metrotec, peach tree fork
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All Treasure Hunting
I hunt odd things; in boxes, totes, sacks, old suit cases,gym bags,drawers, cabinets and sometimes just lying on the floor. I buy storage lockers @ auctions. Most of the time myself and lady friend buy in person, but a lot of storage companies are doing their auctions on line, which is hard to actually see (all) the goodies which could be a treasure.
I started metal detecting in 1971, and have found some Great Stuff, my best was a CSA rectangle and 1857 seated liberty-I think it was 1857. A very long time ago, I've been on earth (this time) 75 years, and still going strong.
Now back to storage units. I'm sure most of you have seen "Storage Wars". I met Darrell Sheets at a swap meet @ Lake Havasu, AZ, accidently, stayed out there a week last year. Great guy, funny. Asked him why he didn't stomp Dave's, Yeeeup butt, he just laughed and said he needs it done.
As for treasure; coins, silver bars, old old glass, expensive wine ($ hundreds of $$ per bottle) stamps, gold -silver jewelry, diamonds, fur and leather coats, collectables out the yenyang, I could go on, some finds are worth A LOT. The finds that myself and lady sell on line and @ flea mkts. (swap meets) pays for our trips,cruises, junkets, dinners, movies, airline tickets. It is just as exciting as hitting a signal on the side of Missionary Ridge, CSA rectangle. By the way; my ancestors/family donated the property that the Sherman Reservation is on,to the city of Chattanooga, and where the Bragg Monument is ,is where my g-g-great uncles cabin was during the battle of Missionary Ridge. I also gave a speech to the city council of Chattanooga about the taking down of Confederate soldiers. This is the South, Chattanooga, not Chicago, San Fran, or NY City. Get over it, it is history and our heritage. "Grow some and take a stand."
Now back to treasure hunt'n.
Of course we make a lot of trips to the dump, Goodwill, Salvation Army and other needy places. It's hard work, which we are use to, and the barn is full, 4 bay garage, carports, living room, front porch (wrap around), 2 pick up trucks, and a 14 foot trailer, stay loaded for the weekends, and Summerville,GA on Tuesdays. Of course, it is worth only what someone will pay you for it. After you get your initial investment the rest is all profit
We live on a mountain in TN. with several A. and very few neighbors. Working 5-7 days week when we are not on vacation, which is the rest of our lives. Ain't Life Great!
ps: I do find Civil War relics in some lockers, and older "stuff".
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Mar 30, 2013
North Eastern NC
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Equinox 800 and Excalibur
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Sounds like you are living the TRUE treasure hunter's dream. Thanks for sharing you story.

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