Unique Pea Pod Cast Bronze Sculpture Signature Help


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Apr 20, 2013
Fullerton, CA
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After many months of okay hunting, I finally found something good!

I spotted this bronze at an early morning yard sale on Saturday and managed to get it for lunch money. After some heavy cleaning (It was sticky to the touch with oil after spending many years in a kitchen) it looks pretty nice with no harm to the patina.

the bolt holding the base together is rusty so I’ll replace it with a fresh bolt and rubber washer to give it some hold.

As for the bronze, I wasn’t able to pull up much for artist initials. Looks like a B. E. in a very stylized font? I’m guess the 90 is a year or pattern/mold/piece number.

if anybody can shed some light on it, I’d appreciate it. This one is going to stick around for a while


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