Unusual 3 tine fork from a cooper's shop


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May 15, 2019
Nova Scotia
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We have been detecting at a barrell cooper's shop site recently that was shown on an 1872 map. We found a barrell adze, an offset stave axe - and this really odd little 3 tine fork.
It had a collar that would fit over the handle and was forged with a hole in the spike end that had a little square nail in it. The tines are only 4 1/2" long and they don't seem to be worn short - that appears to be the original size. I have dug a lot of hoes, forks and shovels over the years but this one is unique. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the design/use? Total length is 11" Inside diameter of the collar ring is 1 3/8, width of the fork is 4 5/8".


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Apr 17, 2009
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It's an old one for sure , I'd restore it and put it to work. I used mine this evening to dig a few spring onions . it's a hand fork , used when you're down on the ground . Not how I dig potato's , I use a long handle turning fork for that. download (4).jpg

I would put on a new handle and put it to work.
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Feb 3, 2006
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Not a froe. On those the handle attaches at one end perpendicular to the blade. That's a cooper broad axe for smoothing the staves and inside of barrels.

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