V3i Polar plot issue


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Jun 5, 2008
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Hi friends:
Just recently I called the company and talked to the repair personel. I stated to him that Spectra was acting weird if I should beleave it should be breaking down on me? A few times over the past 7 days as I was hunting I got it shut off all of a sudden a few seconds after it would turn back on with the main start up screen. I was told it was something weird he was doing I was advised and guided through a master reset. Since I never did this before I never thought this would affect my favorite stored and on screen programs. Too my surprise and shock I lost them all. This was only on last Friday so far I have only build up on the common program which comes as close to what I had before. I love Polar Plot as my regular search screen and had a real tough time finding it. I know camel hump program has Icons on it The question being I can't call icons on polar. Can they be turned on and how? What is the process step by step? Please aid me and thankyou. LP :BangHead::icon_scratch:

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Mar 24, 2016
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Try this:

Make sure a coil is connected. You need a signal to see the icons! (hey, I've been there, lol)

It's likely to be a Screen Top setting. Check the program you're making first and if that doesn't work for some reason check the Common settings and verify it's set correctly.

Expert>Configure>Live Search Screen>Search(or Analysis)>Polar Plot>Screen Top>Icons

Hope it helps.
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V3i Polar Plot Issues

Hello there.

I noticed that this thread is fairly old and the question has probably been addressed.

But in case it has not-

When you Master Reset your Spectra V3i, it SHOULD reset to the default V3i software version. In SOME cases, it will revert back to a V3 version because that is what was loaded previously, and then "upgraded" to a V3i format. You will notice within in the Advanced menu that a lot of the goodies that were there, are there no longer. As for Whites, it's Too Bad-So Sad and you will have to send it off to their shop in Oregon to redo the software. BE SURE TO INSIST that it is loaded with the proper V3i software!



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May 17, 2009
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I did a little research into a V3i reverting to a V3. That is NOT TRUE! A V3i upgrade is a reprogram of its computer, A reset can not over ride this, it will only reset what program is installed back to what is there now! It only removes any user changes and glitches that might have caused and resets it back to a V3i after the upgrade so you can start custom reprograming

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