Very Early Cape Cod site finds!

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May 17, 2019
Cape Cod
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Detecting next to remote small pond used as a watering hole in 1600-1700's. Deep iron targets turned out to be oxen shoes. I know the site is early as I found a Massachusetts Colony coin dated 16?? Back is slick and of little help. Does read NEW ENGLAND around the out side. Very thin, silver like finish but slight hint of copper as well. I don't think the silver quality is very high. Rings a solid 13 on my Equinox 800. But certainly a bucket list coin for me.

Two Trefid spoon handles are old. Both pewter. The finer finished one on top probably 1680-1720. One on bottom looks much older, might be post mid evil. Very similar to the Dutch spoon handles of the early 1600 period. Probably brought over as much of utensils and other items here.

Collection of pewter buttons. All found down deep an certainly show it. Ones with the crosses are very interesting.

Pewter (soft, almost like lead) salt shaker top. A solid brass oxen nob. Found along side the trail to the pond. Probably 1800+

Several buckles all next to the pond. They match up with the chart of 1600-1700 buckles. Just common use buckles, nothing very fancy but been sitting there for a very long time!
Thanks for looking, Bill


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May 25, 2007
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Oh, sorry. Miss connotation on my end. I make my living as a professional artist. So I think in terms of being know as a Contemporary painter. Although I paint out of period. Not sure if this like will come up. My works are mostly historical views.

I do plan to have the the coin authenticated, but have no plans to ever sell what I find. Everything will go to either the Harwich Land Conservation of Historical Society here on the Cape.
Please update this post when you get a professional view, I'll be interested to find out.
Like you say at the very least it looks debased.

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