✅ SOLVED Warning! Wear Safety Goggles! But for what?

Dougie Webb

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Jun 14, 2019
Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Metal Detecting
The comb was the only thing I had nearby for size comparison. The piece is roughly 2x2 and registers as iron, and it's pretty heavy for its size. I found it in an area where I think folks were busting rocks trying to find gold a long time ago. Although, clearly, this doesn't date to the 1800's like many of the things I've found.

It was right next to a huge slab of granite that I unearthed, and there was also a 2-foot-long iron spike right there, that I think they were using to bust open the rocks.

Was it part of a wedge? What the heck is the word above "Warning"?



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Nov 4, 2004
NW Florida
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Maybe part of a a wedge and shim set used in a rock quary.


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