whats the best dog food???

We have aging dogs and use the Sam's club Purina Moist and Meaty. Its soft and they seem to enjoy it. Here it is 20 bucks for 60 count packages at 6 oz a piece.

I don't know but I'll be your vet will offer you up something expensive. I have cats.

Have been an Iams feeder for years. Our dogs have done very well on it and I am always getting compliments on how nice their coats look.

On a side note: All that cheap dog food does is make bigger piles in the yard! Most cheap dog food is half filler, so to get enough nutrition, you have to feed more. Buy the good stuff!

not looking for cheap ,just not crazy,she has a weak stomach.i will look into Iams
thank you brad

From my experience, that is like asking what the best automobile or the best anything is. You can ask 100 people and get 100 different answers on what is absolutely the best. I fed Science diet for years and it was good but many are good. Keyapaha was right in the fact that you do not have to feed nearly as much of a quality feed and won't have nearly as much to scoop.

try blu buffalo...sensitive stomach:.........usflag:

There is no best.

A raw food diet with 10% bone can really make some dogs do well.
Meat enzymes affect teeth too. For the better.

I'm no fan of corn t o feed a dog.
Many current grain free offerings have peas in them. What do legumes do for/to canines?

Even with better brands (and better brands can and do change formulas and suppliers ect..) they lack things your dog would benefit from. Taurine perhaps...Or a trace mineral missing.
By changing brand or formula at intervals (gradually by blending with prior recipe so not to shock a digestive system) the gamble of picking up something missing from the previous formula might be gained. But ingredients need studied regardless.

Ask your vet what your dog needs. (not saying the vet will be spot on ,but you can research to see what gets confirmed.) Not in a brand , but in food itself.

I raised a breed for a decade and had other dogs all along.
While a raw food diet appeals (there are sources for interesting ingredients I'll not dwell on ,but lacking space for a chest freezer is one excuse for dodging such a diet.
And clean up after feeding raw when I have adds up with lots of dogs involved.

One thing you might consider for starters in a food choice after determining it is food good for a dog vs good for the manufacturers pocket , is what protein level suits your dog. Then the amount of fat.

Older dogs and less active dogs don't benefit from a high protein diet usually.
And in some cases it can be harmful.

Keeping a good weight on your dog ( vs overweight )matters over time too.
Consult your vets opinion of course , but green beans can be a good filler.

Whelping *****es we cook up meals of white rice , mix with boiled and drained hamburg and add a generous dollop of cottage cheese.
Easy on the belly . Digestible a bit faster , and keeps weight decent.

A dog chewing it's feet or licking them alot without a yard or home or injury relationship can be showing signs of allergy to a diet.
With lots of dogs being fed the same diet among their numbers it is not unusual for one to have an issue with a type food, that the others don't.

And I didn't mention when asking a vet about a certain dogs needs ,(and/or researching on your own)amount and type of fiber.

I have heard the Blue Buffalo is good. Your vet will have a lot of choices, or be able to recommend something like relevantchair mentioned.

For dogs with a weak stomach, I would also suggest boiling white Rice. Add boiled de-boned Chicken for some meals and boiled Lamb for other meals. Make sure to include some vegetables with the meals and you can even add some powdered Mushrooms (the ones that provide the most benefit) to at least one meal a day. Chaga, Reishi and Maitake Mushrooms provide the most benefits health-wise for humans, dogs, cats and other animals as well but there are a lot of other Mushrooms available that also provide significant health benefits.

Everyone here has great suggestions. Ask your vet his opinion the next time you take her in for a check up. I too heard that rice is good for digestion. Make sure to read the ingredients and don't buy the stuff using "filler". I spent extra on Simon because I wanted him around for a long time. ( He was a 126# White German Shepherd ). Also, there are several websites, that stay up to date on pet food recalls and this is important because the recalls seldom make the news yet takes many, many pet's lives. https://www.petful.com/recall-lists/dog-food-recalls/ is just one site. Take good care of her 1637 and she will return the favor :notworthy:

I use Hills Science Diet... My dog looks great and has nice and slimy solid poops.... 20190626_184655[1].jpg

As said, you can consult your vet and see what their recommendation might be. We feed our 3 year old Aussie Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice for sensitive stomaches. She really likes the food, and has plenty of energy with a healthy looking coat. The food is a little more than the cheap stuff, but not over the top expensive. Best of luck to you and your pal.

Duffy (our 14 mo old Airedale Terrier) gets plain 'ol dry Purina One Dog Chow Lamb & Rice. We supplement with marrow bones from the butcher (we freeze 2" sections), training treats (duck jerky), carrots, apple slices, etc. and a raw egg occasionally.

He also treats the world as his buffet and God knows what he finds to eat. We have to enclose the cat litter boxes. Not real worried about gourmet food after that.

We have an eight year old half Brittany, half English Setter. Started out w/ Iams mini chunks, & several years ago switched to Sportmix- Wholesomes available at Tractor Supply. It is a No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy formula at less than a Dollar a pound. She likes the Lamb Meal & Rice version, but can get Chicken/ Rice, Fish meal / Rice & maybe one other flavor.

Here's another one for Science Diet (small bites). Our dog loves it, and she's 7 years old. Also used Science Diet for sensitive stomachs when we had our cats.

I think it's hard to judge by a photo and little description, it's better to ask a vet.

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