Whites lower rods mod


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Jan 6, 2011
Southwest Ohio
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Minelab Equinox 700 (stock and 6" coil), Pro-find 35 PP, Makro PP, and a little luck.
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Metal Detecting
White's lower rod mod

I bought my T2 SE late in the season this year. The previous owner sent an extra lower rod for the 5" coil. I really didn't pay attention to this extra rod until I decided to take the T2 and 5" coil for a test drive. If you are familiar with the White's lower rods, they use a double button spring to hold the lower rod in place.
Teknetics uses a single button spring. As I compared the Teknetics and White's lower rods, the first obvious difference was that the holes for the button spring were 90 degrees off from the White's to the Teknetics. The other difference was that the White's lower rod is approximately 2 inches longer than the Teknetics.
Seeing this, I took the White's rod to work and drilled a new hole 90 degrees of where the factory holes were. I removed the double button spring, turned it 90 degrees and re-installed it. Problem solved, and for some reason the White's rod has a tighter fit. I am just a hair under 6' tall so the extra 2" of length works perfect for me.:thumbsup: I liked it so much, I bought 2 more White's lower rods and converted them as well for my stock DD coil and NEL sharpshooter coil.

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