Would like to start Dredging but dont know where to start!


Apr 28, 2016
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I'm trying to do research on the Laws in Washington state for where you can run a mechanized dredge...but it is very convoluted. Currently not working and would love to have something fun that rewards you immediately for your hard work and good planning. Gold dredging seems to fit the bill perfectly...and quite frankly I'm certain the price of gold will go up phenomenally in the next couple years.

I've read through the pamphlet but in regards to the Plans of Intent... running a dredge somewhere in the Gifford Pinchot for example. They would require a notice of intent since it is Forest Service land. Like to dredge something between the size of a small creek and a waist deep stream/river.

To sum it up: Do they actually GIVE you permission to use a mechanized dredge in Washington? Outside of existing mining claims? How specific do Plans of Intent need to be? Is there a place with productive placer mining claims in the state that are for sale/rent/public?

I live in an RV and dream of traveling around the state/country just mining for gold and generally living off the land. It would be wonderful if anyone has some answers!


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Feb 10, 2013
Mountlake Terrace
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4" Dalke Original Compact Dredge, 36" BGT Prospector, 30" BGT Sniper, D&D/Brawn Super Concentrator and Highbanker top, Brawn/D&D finishing table, pans and more!
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Gold and fish is pretty straight forward. It gives the legal timing of dredging by size per location that is ok to dredge starting on page 17. Page 19 has Lewis River River east fork. Page 20 north fork. Page 31 has a little more of the east fork. Hope that helps!


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Aug 5, 2013
Puyallup, WA
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As Jesse stated you only need to keep the Gold and Fish book with you as your permit. If you find an area you'd like to dredge outside the timing windows you can apply for an HPA but good luck with that as the county Enviros are not on our side. Gold dredging typically starts around June in most rivers/creeks and they can run as late as Feb. My advise to you would be to Join the WPMA and go to a few outings as most of us are dredgers and could give you pointers if needed.


Sep 17, 2017
Shelton for now
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What is WPMA?...
Lookn for a prospector on tha Olympic pen
Im new to tha west side, I'm from WA/ID (Spokane/CDA). I'm a dredger, I run either 2" or 3" depending on what creek/river . Now I'm over here (west side) Shelton.things are WAY different here, y'all are inondated with wolf lov'n tree hugg'n enviro wacos that have about everything shut down... SO I'm looking for someone that is local that has knowledge of dredging or metal detecting on tha oly pen. I don't do forms for ****,so yer best bet is to call me 5099937812 thanks in advance, BTW, I'm Dave, no kids, 47yr old

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