💵 FOR SALE XP Deus w/ 3 Coils - Great Condition


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Feb 22, 2016
Statesville, NC
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XP Deus (May2015) and Equinox 800 (March2019)
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All Treasure Hunting
XP Deus for sale. Comes with 3 coils (High frequency, X35 and Low frequencey), control box, backphone headphones, waterproof kit and lots of extras including Andy Sabisch XP Deus book. Everything is in great condition and I have all my great programs saved in the control box. $850 or best offer. Message me here or call/text 216-767-3118
God Bless you and yours.
XP Deus.jpeg
XP Deus 3.jpeg
XP Deus 2.jpeg
XP Deus 8.jpeg
XP Deus 4.jpeg
XP Deus 5.jpeg
XP Deus 7.jpeg
XP Deus 6.jpeg
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