1. Nailed IT Galleon treasure

    another great Find from the honey hole:headbang:! I will take it in for authentication.... but man it looks right.
  2. Blessings and Peace

    Blessings and Peace

    whats in the sand
  3. 1715 Fleet Detecting Discussion

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but have used it before as a guest. I was supposed to be in Vero Beach earlier this week for some diving and detecting but US-Canada borders have been closed and will likely remain for couple more months. I've been fortunate enough to amass a good sized collection of...
  4. Odd Metal Find Needs Identified

    Odd 1715 Beach Find Needs Identified Found this small piece on the low tide line near the treasure coast. Look familiar to anyone? Very old, highly corroded.
  5. PLEASE help me identify this... I found it detecting the beach in SE Florida!!!

    PLEASE help me identify this Golden Turtle. Found on a beach in SE Florida!!! I was detecting one of my favorite spots in South Florida on the East coast.. I went at low tide and saw that there was a section that was cut out of the sand and like 3 feet of sand was taken away from the last time...
  6. 1715 Fleet Thread of Threads

    There are some truly great threads on TNet concerning the 1715 Fleet. Great historical research, great operational discussions about the how, why and where of salvaging in the shallow environs of the Treasure Coast lives here. We see a lot of questions posed here that could be answered by a...
  7. Hey Mates ! Help me to Help You

    Dear Friends of the Treasures and the Sea Friends and for those of you who don't know me, I research treasure sites and information, which in turn I share to help in your quests. While I used to land hunt and have a special fondness for the 1715 Fleet, I can no longer do that as an injury...
  8. 1715 Treasure Fleet updates

    We're always looking for more volunteer wiki-editors, especially on Florida history and the 1715 treasure fleet. Here is an article we'd like to embellish and get more input on.1715 Treasure Fleet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you don't want to edit but willing to read it and tell me...
  9. Looking for Fisher Subcontractor who needs help.

    Looking for someone to work gulf coast with. Since I'm retired, have a nice walkaround cuddy boat and some gear I'd like to talk to someone in the St. Petersburg area who wants to work the gulf coast.