19th century

  1. Virgin cellar hole leads to 4 firsts and unknown coin. Draped bust, 2 tined fork, tombac, bale seal

    So i found this cellar hole while i was helping someone on here with this Need help interpreting LIDAR post. Karma actually working, hurray. I was showing what would definitely be a cellar hole. Using imagery of a known abandoned 1800's town site. When all of the sudden i noticed this other...
  2. Update #2: My first Colonial show buckle.... I discovered an unknown cellar hole! Pewter rat tail spoon?

    Updates are at the bottom of this original post. 👇👇👇 While scanning the lidar of previous permissions one day I happened to see this tiny depression(red circle) I knew it was a long shot but I hoped it could be an old house site. I made the trek yesterday. This old road which can be seen...
  3. Pat. 1893 Echo Whistle

    Pat. 1893 Echo Whistle

    This is a Pat. 1893 B.G.I. Co. Echo '620' whistle that I excavated on May 8th 2023 from a 1924-capped landfill. The mouthpiece is curved to rest on the user's lip. It still works despite being buried for a minimum of 99 years.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Civil War Confederate Item?

    This artifact is sheet brass with a moon, a “4”, a large star and a series of smaller stars in the field. It was found in Pulaski, TN in a site that has produced relics from the Civil War. I have seen Civil War insignia that is similar, but it also resembles early Klan uniforms. They were...
  5. ✅ SOLVED Possible Eagle Bridle Boss? Civil War?

    This specimen was found on a site that has produced artifacts from the Civil War. The material is unknown, but patinated like brass while retaining a aluminum or stainless like gloss. This appears to be an eagle facing left without a shield against a lined field. On the back, stars are...
  6. ✅ SOLVED Help Identifying Button - Confederate "Manuscript R" Rifleman's button

    This button is a brass, two piece type with the back having corroded away. It is 22.2 mm wide. It appears to feature a stylish “R” and was found in North Alabama on a site that was occupied by both Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Any information on type, age, rarity...
  7. 1890's era old town site in Central Florida finds

    Some various finds today at an 1890's era town site in Central Florida. The suspender looking piece made it all worth while, not sure on the other stuff so much. The shard with appears to have some kind of art on it did ring up as metal. The round shaped "ring" thing had a small hole at the top...
  8. War of 1812 or Early 19th Century Artifact

    Can anyone please identify this item, brass with Pewter rivets and washers. Stamped scroll work. From a military site.
  9. 19th century Two piece Button

    Hello I just found another button at my current dig location. I think it is Civil War era. “ Extra Treble Stand”. Is what I think it says on the back. It is magnetic. So not silver,gold or copper. Does anyone know what time period This would be from?
  10. 19th Century Plantation and What to Look For

    Treasure Hunters, Had the first hunt of the new year with my digging buddy. We found a bunch of clad coins, a little silver and our first gold find; heart shaped locket. Although we had a good day today, these days don't happen as often as we think it should so I hoping to get some advice on...
  11. Lead fired round. Need more info to date.

    Hello all! Found this lead round at the bottom of a old tree. It looks like It was embedded in tree at some point in history. My search came up as a NORDENFELT GUN ROUND. the gun was manufactured in 1879. Can anyone add to this ? Thanks
  12. Where did all the gold go?

    In the early 19th century of the pacific northwest there were a few trading posts, a few settlements but nothing like the 20th century. Also during this time there was a huge surge in population, commerce and exploration. I see lumber mills, mineral exploration and trading posts being the...
  13. ✅ SOLVED Small Brass Circular Item with Stems

    I can only guess it has something to do with a watch...? The thick stem appears to be solid. No threads or markings.
  14. Mystery Soup Tureen

    I purchased this soup tureen yesterday and I cannot find much if anything about it online. The bottom has a lowercase "c" in the same blue ink as the design and also has a red/orange painted number mark (assuming this is a pattern or model number). Any help would be welcome.
  15. Akron Marble & Toy Manufacturing Co. Toy Boots Late 19th Century

    Two late 19th century toy boots made by the Akron Marble & Toy Manufacturing Co. Picked these up at a garage sale along with several other Civil War artifacts. They probably aren't worth very much but a dollar estimate would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. The Official Louisiana Plantation Dig.

    Ladies and Gentleman, The Moment you have all been waiting for, the commencement of The Official Louisiana Plantation Dig Thread. Let the digging Commence... Historical Background: The Plantation is located in South Louisiana, the current property is a conglomerate of several plantations...
  17. Old knife help

    hey guys,I found this old knife in a stone wall under several stones,the area that I found it in has several celler holes producing late 18th to early 19th century artifacts.any idea on a possible age of the knife or any info on it. it is approximately 9.75 inches in length.it has since been...