1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED old stave made bucket-anyone know it's use?

    This may be a loaded question, because I guess it could be used for anything, but it's so doggtone cool that I thought maybe it could have had a specialized use or time period. My first thought was maybe a horse feeding or watering bucket ( when it was still capable of holding water!) My...
  2. Help to identify the buttons I found while gold detecting please 😊

    Hey guys, while out detecting I dug these all from less than a square meter, makes me think they’re all from the same piece of clothing? Either way would love any info/history on them if you can 😊 1 with nu plus ultra written on it and drawing on the back (First 3 photos) 6 the same size...
  3. old bullet

    I found this old bullet today in a pasture field. I don't believe it goes back as far as the Civil War, but I would love to know more about it--age, use, caliber, type of gun that fired it, etc. if anyone could help me. Thanks!!!
  4. Locket Age ?

    I was gifted this locket a few years ago, my friend bought it as a vintage shop and I have always wondered the age of the locket. Is there any way to tell, or has anyone seen/ owned one similar?
  5. Thrift shop find

    I found this little Ohio "badge" today among some old brass buttons and other small trinkets at a local thrift shop. I would really like to know the age and use of this piece if anyone could help me! Thanks! P.S. The word on the back that's hard to read is "bronze".
  6. ??? Colonial Button ???

    ??? COLONIAL BUTTONS ??? BUTTON #1 Button #1. Small. Found with the XP DEUS on the other side of the James River, 25 November 2017. Shank still intact on other side (see bottom pic). Clad dime for size. Any opinions are WELCOME. let me know what you think. BACK of button (pic below)...
  7. I need identification on my axe head

    So yesterday I was detecting and got a very good copper/bronze signal 8 inches down. Dug down about 9 inches in 30 minutes until I saw the edge of an object I tried to get it out but then I gave up and after some time to convince me to get it out I tried and it took me an hour to finally unearth...
  8. I need information about my buckle

    So, a week ago I found my first buckle, a quite large and heavy (46.5 g) buckle: It wasn't quite deep because of the very hard soil. I think the pin in the buckle is made out of iron and the buckle itself is made out of copper or bronze. I also think it's of a horse strap. I'm not familiar...
  9. Prince George County

    I'm not sure if I picked the right forum, because the object I am asking about is definitely a police badge.........BUT, my question is about the age and source more than what it actually is. First, a little info--this old badge has seen better days, but it is still readable thanks to a little...
  10. Stirrup

    I found this old brass stirrup today in some woods that have produced CW buttons, but I'm not sure of it's age--can anyone help me? Thanks!
  11. Cap Badge?

    I found this old eagle device in a local junk store today. They occasionally get in really old things, so I was hoping this might be Civil War, but it's probably more likely from a more recent military school. It has attachments on the back like a hat or cap ornament, but I'm not really sure...
  12. Looking for information/age on an old anchor

    This anchor came with my house. It was sitting in the yard and I guess the previous owner didn't want to lug a literal boat anchor with them. Its immensely heavy and I know its not a shipwreck, but this seems like the type of place to gather information on it. Attached are photos and a...