1. Help with art prints

    I purchased these from an estate sale a few months ago and am just now getting to them. I have about 40 of them in total, most are prints of Gabriël Metsu paintings, I can find the paintings online just fine but I can't find prints like these anywhere. Any help with what they are and they're...
  2. Witch Vibes

    Witch Vibes

    Rocks, trinkets and bones from an armadillo that died in my backyard.
  3. In a Quandary

    I came across this artwork and searched the name Brunet that shows on the bottom right corner of the artwork, plus Google Lens and I can't locate this particular scene by Brunet. It's a large print, the frame is damaged and I'm in a quandary if it's worthwhile to reframe. It's still sitting at...
  4. Anyone figure out the text here?

    I traded for a bunch of stuff which included this old ripped painting (possibly watercolour) but am having trouble deciphering the text or anything about it. I thought the title read "La Petite souer" as in, the little sister in french, but this didn't help my search. It's obviously a numbered...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Signed oil painting

    Have come across this painting after helping clean out older couples home. This is a 24”x36” oil painting. The artist is ben richmond signed nautical themed painting. I can find other nautical paintings with jut one ship not with 2nd. Any help would be amazing. Like age of it Or if it’s with...
  6. Any help with this artwork?

    I'm not sure if it is painted on canvas or what. Does anyone have any idea about this? It appears the name may be Ferguson on here (not for certain). Any way I can identify the name of the artwork and the artist who did it? Thank you for your help!
  7. Discovered Fake or Fortune Show!!! Love it.

    I found this show that has 9 seasons, located in England. It's about researching possible real Masterwork paintings. I will learn so much more about Art watching these. And the guy specialist in Art hosting it is easy on the eyes as well.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Wondering What You See...

    The images I see in this are the theme of everything I've been shown for the past year (photos of inventory coming soon). I'd like to hear what others see so that I may check my reality/sanity. I've been looking at the same images for a long while and need fresh eyes, fresh thoughts and a fresh...
  9. This deserves it's own thread...

    I recommend viewing on as large a screen as possible... now tell me what you see... if you zoom in on the face paint for the first head that faces left (bignose)... zoom in on the line of face paint that goes down from his eye through his cheek... that face paint is a white haired man wearing a...

    PLEASE USE A LARGE MONITOR IF YOU CAN... The Pictures are self-explanatory... plus I'm just gonna submit this topic first before an hour is gone by... then I will edit... I'm no photographer so I hope it's clear enough... I'm working on making a negative print of the translucent dark shot...
  11. Old illustration

    I recently found this at a estate sale and I’m having trouble finding a value. I have had no luck researching the name, or what I believe the name to be. All suggestions are appreciated.
  12. Qn:how to avoid mirror image of a real target

    Hello folks I have a big problem when i survey new areas ,even in a known target ,the signal line sometimes tend to shift from its original position of target causing false location ,sometimes the reflection fluctuates from few inches to some feets Am using signal generator,l-rod,two ground...
  13. Looking for tips on figuring out an artist through their work or signature.

    Found this painting and the seller has no information on the artist. I have been doing research for weeks and have yet to find anything. It was framed by Wonderlin Galleries, Bloomington, il. I tried searching into Chester Wonderlin, but no finds. Thanks for any help provided.
  14. George Rodrigue Art Exhibit Poster

    Does anybody have info on this? I have searched the net and can find nothing. Thanks!
  15. Chinese chop mark identify

    I inherited a picture made by a chinese person. It has a chinese chop mark and a signature on it. I hope someone here can identify it for me? Many thanks
  16. Basket with decorative hand crafted bottom

    The basket is approximately a foot long and 6-8 in across and has what appears to be a handprinted piece with legitimate feathers. As the story goes it came from occupied japan. The bindings and nails are obviously old and if anyone can solve the mystery it would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Statue Needs Help

    Dear Sir please help me identify this statue. Who is the maker / artist of this statue and when it was made ? Is it a rare item ? Thank You
  18. Can anyone please help to identify the artist for these four pieces?

    I know that all four are the same artist, they may have come out of Utah & I can’t find anybody that has been able to interpret the signature or recognize the artwork. I don’t even know if these are actually the names of the pieces but it looks like they are: No 1 Doesn’t have a name of the...
  19. Calling All Diggers, Treasure Hunters, Prospectors

    I am currently working on a project that will culminate in 2018 with an exhibition. I have been collecting soils and stories from locations I have discovered where there is said to be buried treasure. I would like to have a broader reach of contributors than just people I meet along my...
  20. REMBRANDT style ART drawling! Help ID and info! OLD

    Hello all, I moved my post here from the ART section (1 its a thrift find , to the ART section is barley active :icon_scratch:) I got very lucky today and happen to come across this, I'm pretty familiar with Art and Artist , but not as knowledgeable as others , hopefully some of you can help...
  21. REMBRANDT style drawling! Help ID and info! Amazing find

    Hello all I got very lucky today and happen to come across this, I'm pretty familiar with Art and Artist , but not as knowledgeable as others , hopefully some of you can help. When I saw this I could not put it down, it looked too old and reminded me of an Artist.... Then it hit me, it looks...
  22. Help Identify Type and Artist Name?? Navajo pottery?

    Anyone know anything, or can you read the name? Thanks
  23. Salvador Dali my secret life black and white photo hand signed

    I purchased this framed black and white Dali mustache portrait at Southbank Gallery in Pittsburgh about 15 years ago. I have a certificate from the gallery but I know that doesn't carry weight. I was thinking about selling this, do you think it would be more of a hassle getting it appraised...
  24. Fossil or human art?

    California, USA Found this rock walking on train tracks out in the canyon. What do you think, Fossil or art? :BangHead:???:headbang:
  25. Please help with Dali Title, year, any info

    I need help identifying this Dali, title, year any info will be helpful and much appreciated!
  26. Heres my card with some stuff I do!

    Have a look at my website here if you like. Also on Facebook at if you want to look there or like/share the page. Thanks for looking and hope this year is your best ever. :icon_thumleft:
  27. Mysterious Signed Painting

    Driving home from my day at the beach (looking for treasures), and found this large canvas painting on the side of the road. It's signed but I don't know if it's worth anything. What do y'all think?
  28. help identify this mid-century Caribbean oil scene

    hello all, this is my favorite recent thrift store pick, paid $10: appears to be a Caribbean harvest scene. seems to be the work of a fairly skilled hand; quite a bit more dedicated than what i'm used to with a lot of "folk" and "outsider" art (which I will probably end up listing it as it...
  29. Antique Wal Decor

    I found this really old looking wall decor. It's wood, and it looks like an old bag of Stone Ground Grist Mill Flour. Not sure if the company is even real or not. It's even hand signed by the artist. I've posted it a few times on EBay and no one ever bids on it. Is it just a remake, or do people...
  30. Goodwill Art Find Help!

    Hello all I'm Dustin and new to posting on here I recently found this at Goodwill and can't find anything about it online and was hoping you knowledgeable folk could help me out. It stands about 4" tall, has a dolphin and whale tail in it, is molded plastic/acrylic, and has the artists signature...
  31. Salvador Dali art piece identification help

    Dali ID