1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Stamped Stainless Steel. ~2.5" Width.

    New to the group, my very first post here. I've been meaning to create an account here for some time (measured in years). Found this neat little 'gem' a couple days ago. Actually, I found THIRTEEN of them in total, all in the same little spot. The 'Cadillac V' was a popular design with not...
  2. Beach mystery find need help ! Coin , badge? Silver , pewter?

    Found this in the seaweed wash up area of the beach, with historic significance in the northeast. Resembles designs found on reales or other old coins although i am stumped and have no idea what this is. Rings up 54-60 on my AT max and as jewelry/coins on my minelab. There is some coral or sand...
  3. Mystery find please any insight will help

    Found on the beach with historical significance in the sand by the water line where the seaweed washes up. There is some coral or sand build up on it. While using a toothbrush i was able to reveal a silver color on both front and back. The designs here look similiar to what would be found on a...
  4. Mystery find

    Mystery find

    Found this on an old beach in the northeast not sure what it is
  5. Junior G-Man Badge

    Our soybeans finally got harvested. So, I hit the field today. I found three pieces of a ‘Junior G-Man’ badge. They were in 3 separate holes, all within a ten foot area. I lost the sunlight, but I’ll be back out later this week to search for more pieces. Have a great week! Jumpy solid signal...
  6. Found items - badge, stone marble?, misc metal - Need help

    New to this site so please let me know if I'm missing anything or doing anything incorrectly. I recently bought a relatively cheap md for my 10 year old and myself to play around with as something to do together. We had found some old bottles in the yard (see picture) previously when I was...
  7. Thrift shop find

    I found this little Ohio "badge" today among some old brass buttons and other small trinkets at a local thrift shop. I would really like to know the age and use of this piece if anyone could help me! Thanks! P.S. The word on the back that's hard to read is "bronze".
  8. 6 Point Star Badge

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what this badge possibly stands for, or what it may have been used for. It was found with a pair of civil war epaulettes, but I have not been able to figure out its use. Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated, the best guess I have so far is...
  9. ✅ SOLVED Annual Encampment Badge/Medal?

    Hello Again & Happy Thanksgiving! Found this item a while back in an area with history from CW to WWII. All I can make out is that it reads "Annual" at the top and "Encampment" at the bottom. And at the 10 o'clock & 2 o'clock position there is a capital S overlaid with a V. Not saying its...
  10. ✅ SOLVED Need Help Indentifying this Aluminum Piece.

    OK, I am hoping someone can help me figure out what this is... It is made from aluminum and measures 1 5/16" across and has no makers marks on the back. It appears to have had something attached to it right across the middle and I was thinking a Pin like to attach it to your lapel, but that is...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Need Help With ID. Oriental Badge?

    I found this at a 1940's home and think it could be a badge or pin. any thoughts on what it could say or what it could be? Thanks! -Jonathan
  12. Old Eagle badge with Trumpets and Music Notes

    Found this near a very old site in MA... Not sure what it is, music notes on the bottom and maybe would have an eagle on the top of this.. Rang up bouncing from 45-51 ish Range on AT Gold
  13. Bust Dime and Park Shield from short hunt

    Went to a secluded area with trails and a soccer field to hike and decided to go for a short hunt afterwards. It was extremely hot and humid so I told myself 20 minutes and that's it. I was not expecting to find much as the area looked newer. First plug was an old pull tab. I thought oh.. maybe...
  14. Prince George County

    I'm not sure if I picked the right forum, because the object I am asking about is definitely a police badge.........BUT, my question is about the age and source more than what it actually is. First, a little info--this old badge has seen better days, but it is still readable thanks to a little...
  15. Wyatt Earp Badge

    Found this neat "Wyatt Marshal Earp" badge while metal detecting. 8-)
  16. Civil war state badge? Medal? Firefighter related? MD Find PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    Found this metal detecting! Says TENNESSEE it's brass with patina! Could it be from the civil war? Firefighter medal? Please help! Not sure what I've got!
  17. Star Badge Made Out of a Walking Half Dollar?

    I bought this a flea market awhile back and was wondering if it's connected to any important group or history, or are badges made of coins common?
  18. Lyre Cap Badge - trying to date

    Found this lyre which is probably a cap badge. Made of brass. Just under 1" wide at the widest point and just over 1" tall. I thought this might be some official cap insignia for musicians in a branch of the US military during a certain time period, but I can't find any others of this...
  19. Musket balls, bullet spill & a Military hat pin [?].. best hunt to date

    Today I had the whole morning to myself so I decided to head back to a hunting spot that I found last year... This is only the 3rd time I've been there and each time I've only had one goal in mind and that is to find at least 1 musket ball... The first couple of hunts produced just a few but...
  20. Officer cap badge RPR Romania

    1 piece metal disc 1 kg? 500 lei 2000 musket ball 7.92 D CMC 1942 cartridge? Cartridge PA 1942 7.92 D Officer cap badge RPR Romania Metal plate? Old hinge? Shrapnel bomb SII Aluminium (I think it's part of the Samsung Galaxy SII) :)) Aluminum link PC