beach find

  1. 1890 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

    Found my first MSD. Was on the beach in an area known historically for fishing docks and likely a Chinese shrimp camp. My guess it was dropped from the docks into the sand or water. Carson City mint mark. What should I do with it? What do you think it's worth in this grade?
  2. Tungsten Carbide ring

    Tungsten Carbide ring

    A cool tungsten ring I found last summer
  3. 10k White gold moissanite ring

    10k White gold moissanite ring

    One of my all time best finds up to date. I found it with the Garrett Ace Apex. I submitted it to Garrett and I won one of the monthly Apex finds.
  4. bannerstone / 1797 1/2 cent

    This surface find was out of my league as a detectorist and beachcomber. When i saw this sitting in the surf on the sand and approached it I was shocked to realize I knew what it was right away. This comes from someone who has never been able to find a complete point of any sort in my 65 yrs of...
  5. DEFINITELY A SEVERED BONE... but what kind? Need guidance

    I found this bone on a beach in New Jersey yesterday. It was clearly cut by a tool so I can see the spongy bone part that looks like little canals. So definitely a bone. No question about that. My question is...WHAT could this bone have belonged to. It looks to me like the socket end of a ball...
  6. What is this rock and what created the strange pattern?

    Hi! I signed up for this website just to ask this question. I found this rock somewhere along Southern California coast. Most likely Northern San Diego County as that’s where most of my rock collecting is done. I have never seen one like it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I’m so...
  7. Amber< Copal < & now Rosin

    Good evening Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to try and do my introduction and plea for help in one post. I am a diver in South Carolina averaging 60-100 dives a year I do black water diving for fossils and the megalodon teeth I also do a lot of Spearfishing. I have however come across...
  8. Strange meteorite lookign rocks

    Hello! I`ve recently been on a island trip and found these rocks. If anybody knows about these rocks and about their composition then let me know. The rocks were found from Hiiumaa, Estonia. There is a meteorite crater there.
  9. Shark Tooth uncovered after Hurricane Matthew-Myrtle Beach Find

    This is a cool find! Thought to be a million years old but only worth about $100 monetarily. Tourists stumble upon Megalodon shark tooth thought to be more than 1 million years old in North Myrtle Beach | The Charlotte Observer
  10. Beach find - lead?

    So, new to the forum as far as posting. Curious if anyone has an idea on this. Found these figures (6-8 inches tall or so) and other related pieces in a tight area at low tide on a beach in San Diego over the weekend. Mostly under sand but no deeper than a few inches. They seems to be lead...