1. Theo Young Blob Top - Amber Variant

    Theo Young Blob Top - Amber Variant

    I have finally found an elusive amber variant of the Theo Young blob-top beer bottle. This one is an especially dark example too. It is around 120-130 years old!
  2. John Eichler Tooled Crown Beer Bottle (1890's-1900's).

    John Eichler Tooled Crown Beer Bottle (1890's-1900's).

    I have found many tooled blob and tooled crown John Eichler beer bottles over the years, but this appears to be a scarce large script variant that I have never encountered before on a tooled crown. Tooled crown variants typically have very small script. This variant is large like on the old blobs.
  3. Burt Brothers Bottles

    Burt Brothers Bottles

    Two different variant Burt Brothers bottles from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. They are both pre-prohibition era tooled bottles. Found in Scranton Pennsylvania 5/1/2024.
  4. Theo Young Beer Bottle

    Theo Young Beer Bottle

    This is a tooled-crown amber beer bottle. The Theo Young company operated between 1897-1915.
  5. Pre-Civil War Stoneware Bottle

    Pre-Civil War Stoneware Bottle

    The bottle is stamped 'A&W FEYH'. The initials stand for Alexander & William Feyh, who operated out of Manhattan in the 1850's. According to my references this bottle dates to approximately 1859.
  6. Booze, Meds, & Mineral Water (May 17th 2023)

    Booze, Meds, & Mineral Water (May 17th 2023)

    These are all finds from a dig I conducted on May 17th 2023. Highlights include Seipp's 2 1/2% Beer (1917-1919), a tooled Jacob Rupert's Beer (1910-1913), Scott's Emulsion, Coli-Actine, Major's Cement, Burnett's Flavoring Extracts, and a Flushing Mineral Water.
  7. Blobs, Meds, Stoneware, 1893 Whistle, etc. (May 7th 2023)

    These are all finds from a dig I conducted last evening at my 1924-capped landfill, May 7th 2023: The large bottles include: 1. Tooled blob C. V. Garrison Flushing L.I. made by the Karl Hutter bottling works in 1908. 2. Tooled blob amber bottle, no markings. 3. Machine-made Artic Fruit Juice...
  8. C. V. Garrison Blob Top Beer Bottle

    C. V. Garrison Blob Top Beer Bottle

    This bottle was made in 1908 at the Karl Hutter bottle and glass factory. I excavated it on May 7th 2023.
  9. Finds of May 2nd 2023

    Finds of May 2nd 2023

    1. "North Beach Height F Frankel Bottling Co." (Bottle made by the Boley Manufacturing Co.,1898-1911) 2. "Bachmann - Bechtel Brewing Co. S.I. N.Y." (1907-1911) 3. "Jacob Oertel 151 Flushing Ave. Astoria L.I."
  10. 110+ YO Beer Bottle Trifecta (May 2nd 2023)

    Went back to the 1910-capped clay pit bottle dump that I have been extensively excavating since January. It is very difficult digging but the trade off is the bottles often come out in great condition. In about two hours of digging I recovered three blob-top beer bottles, one tooled lip med, and...
  11. C. V. Garrison Beer Bottle

    C. V. Garrison Beer Bottle

    This is a damaged C. V. Garrison beer bottle that I found. The top was broken off so I glued it back on. It was made at Karl Hutter's bottle factory in 1916, likely one of the last Lightning Stopper sealed bottles made there.
  12. 19th Century Broe and Gorman Bottle

    Found this unusual little bottle yesterday evening, it was made for Broe and Gorman of 404 - 6 East 60th Street NY: In situ: After a quick rinse: Despite looking somewhat like a Hutchinson style bottle it actually isn't, it would have sealed from the top with a porcelain lightning stopper...
  13. Broe and Gorman Transitional Hutchinson Bottle

    Broe and Gorman Transitional Hutchinson Bottle

    This is a transitional-top Hutchinson bottle I found made for Broe and Gorman of 404-6 East 60th Street NY. Although it retains the overall shape of a Hutchinson, the bottle sports a longer neck and bigger blob to accommodate a Lightning Stopper in place of a Hutchinson Stopper.
  14. Obermeyer & Liebmanns

    Obermeyer & Liebmanns

    Joseph Liebmann, son of Samuel Liebmann (Founder of S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co. and inventor of Rheingold Extra Dry) partnered with David Obermeyer, his brother in law, to form Obermeyer and Liebmanns. It operated from around 1890-1924 before being bought out by S. Liebman's Son's.
  15. 1890's Blob Top Beer Bottles, Pictorials, etc. (March 15th 2023)

    Got out today during a strong wind storm. The wind and waves washed away all the silt and exposed many old bottles to the surface. Here are some of today's finds: S. Liebman's Sons Brewing Co. Christian Wagners Sons: Obermeyer and Liebmann's Minck Bros. & Co. (8oz): Minck Bros &...
  16. James Everard's Breweries

    James Everard's Breweries

    A rare 1890's import style James Everard's tooled blob top beer bottle with an embossed star. James Everard was an Irish brewer who operated in the then predominantly German dominated NYC brewing industry.
  17. 1890's Schlitz Beer Bottle

    1890's Schlitz Beer Bottle

    This is a tooled blob top Schlitz beer bottle. It reads "Trade Mark Schlitz Registered P. M. Ohmeis & Co. Sole Agents New York"
  18. Pictorial Tooled Crown Beer Bottles

    Pictorial Tooled Crown Beer Bottles

    Excavated all these bottles on Feb. 16. 1. Dark-green bottle, no markings. (Turn-molded) 2. Piel Bro's - East New York Brewery 3. New York Bottling Company Inc. 4. Leonard Eppig Brewing Co., Brooklyn NY 5. Welz & Zerweck High Ground Brewery, Brooklyn NY 6. Canada Dry (Machine Made)
  19. Ebling Brewing Company - Tooled Crown

    Ebling Brewing Company - Tooled Crown

    This is an amber tooled crown Ebling beer bottle dating from the 1910's. The Ebling brewery was located in the Bronx and operated from 1868-1949.
  20. Tooled Blob Bottles

    Tooled Blob Bottles

    Found January 26th. 1. Boley Manufacturing Co. 2. The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co. 3. Walter Gubner & Sons of 78 & 80 Bank Street NY (soda/water). 4. Unlabeled cork-sealed bottle with black contents possibly ink.