belt buckle

  1. ✅ SOLVED Iron Belt Buckles? ID needed.

    Hi all, These two belt buckles (?) were found on the same farm field. Europe. Are they modern, modern-ish, old, old-ish or older than that? Material: Iron. Both ca. 5 cm (1,97 inch). Thanks in advance, Kaj

    I never thought I’d ever find anything like this! I am so truly thankful and grateful. I got a 20-30 signal on my minelab equinox 800. It sounded wayyy to good to be true. I figured it was going to be another can lid, or piece of sheet metal. But it was 15 feet from where the eagle breast plate...
  3. Is it real...or homemade?? What's it worth?

  4. Civil war belt plate?

    Found this today at my house from the mid to late 1800s wanted to know what it is and what you all know about it!
  5. Help with kkk belt buckle

    I have this buckle that belonged to my father. He was murdered in 1988, so I know it's at least that old. Any information on it's authenticity or it's worth would be greatly appreciated.

    I had the pleasure of detecting a property situated on the frontlines of the civil war battlefield today. I found some interesting buckles and Id love to know more about them. If you have any information on what they went to, let me know. Ex. Belt, gun sling, bags, etc! I want to find the exact...
  7. Michigan man finds $16,000 belt buckle

    Michigan attorney Steve Lehto found a mint CSA belt buckle while metal detecting where a sidewalk had been torn up.
  8. Sterling Buckle

    I recovered this Sterling Buckle in on 12.15.2019 in Lamar County, Mississippi, and wanted to know if anyone had any idea of approximately what year it was made and who it was made by. Other than the "sterling" mark on it, I can find no other marks of any kind.
  9. IDENTIFY Makers Mark - Belt Buckle

    I was given this belt buckle and I flipped it over to look at the makers mark. It is stamped with a capitol “I” or possibly a capitol “H” It looks like it was stamped with a single line tool three times. There is a slight overhang off one side of the middle line. Sorry for the small...
  10. Hitler youth belt buckle and a huge dagger

    Hi friends. Our first hunt in this year and our first video from that. Nils found a lovely rare belt buckle, russian dagger and more! We were freezing all the time. Dont miss this part :) (photo soon)
  11. What is this ? Medalion Belt buckle age ?

    This was originally found in forest in dirt. Was traded later on. Found somewere in Norway It is non magnetic. Looks like lead on Silver , or lead on tinn Can Anyone help identyfie Measures 6 cm or approx 2.35 inch
  12. Recents finds from the last week or two...

    The 1907 Indian Head Penny, 1917 Wheat Penny and circa 1918 Buckle were found on a Perry County Property that has for the most part given up nothing but trash. The 1942 Silver Nickel and 1950 Wheat Penny were found last night during a practice run at night hunting on the property I just use for...
  13. Culver Black Horse Troop Buckle

    Found this today. Cant find too many of these on the web,could be worth something. Found 6-8" deep.
  14. Vintage belt buckle?

    Found this going through an estate. Unable to make out the manufacturer. Copyright 1932, serial number 352. Any ideas on who made this or where I can find more info? Thanks!