Vintage belt buckle?


May 3, 2013
Warrenton, VA
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This item was on Ebay but is no longer.....May have at leased looked like this new haha

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Try looking under the search terms "End of Trail belt buckle" End of Trail is the name of the image on the buckle..

Good Luck! Clean it up and I would wear it, nice find!!

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Hello ShanMar,

Welcome to TNet, and thanks for showing us your buckle. Mical is correct about the image being The End of the Trail, which I believe is the referenced "Copyright."

It was made by The Great American Buckle Co. which seems to be more modern.


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hi Surf, that is what is getting me, the buckle company applied for trademark for there symbol in 1976 and was bought out in 1989.
the statue that the buckle is made after was build in 1915 and the buckle shows a copyright date of 1932.

i can not find mention yet of the great american buckle company before the trademark copyright .

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also you notice the eagle is different on the buckle ,, so maybe that was the old logo ? if so that would date it before the logo change in 1976 . but i have not found a match for date yet..

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It is a modern (1970's-1980's) buckle made by "The Great American Buckle Company" and as mical66 pointed out the image is called "The End of The Trail" The image is from a bronze sculpture done in 1915 by James Earle Fraser (1876-1953) you can read a little about it here:

End of the Trail Introduction

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the company changed its name ( was bought out ) and is now called Great American Products .
the buckle is still made today look under the buckle section , page 20/21
now i am not saying yours is not old, because like i said earlier with the logo being different on yours then what there logo is now and the copyright of 1932 , it makes me wonder if yours is older then 1976.

here is the new website Great American Products : Catalogs

also i sudgest reaching out to this company and let them date it for you :)

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Thanks for all the great info. I'll definitely reach out to the manufacturer and update you with the feedback.

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