Civil war belt plate?


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May 1, 2020
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image.jpgFound this today at my house from the mid to late 1800s wanted to know what it is and what you all know about it!image.jpg

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Officers sword belt plate. Someone else will have to give the date range. Great find!

Very nice. Always helps an ID if we can see the reverse picture?

Very nice. Always helps an ID if we can see the reverse picture?
Yes, the tongue on the other side will help date it.. Generally speaking wixe tongue is post War.

Dang that looks really sweet I love stuff like that nice condition also

Welcome to tnet

To echo everyone else, we need to see the back to help date. Is it stamped brass or cast?

Super find! Thats's a sweet one right there. :occasion14:

Itโ€™s stamped found it 12 inches down

Itโ€™s stamped brass and has lead stuck to the back of it any idea?

Very Nice!!! Congrats!!!

I posted the back

Sweet relic, congrats! :occasion14:

That looks like a stamped brass plate just like the one I found (see my avatar). Mine was dated to the Indian Wars of 1890 to 1900. Your plate looks very similar to mine. Congrats on an excellent find.

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