1. Big Blue German Bennington Marble

    Was digging at one of my spots today and unearthed this big blue ceramic marble. It is 1.25 inches in size, and is the largest clay marble I have ever found. These big salt-glazed clay marbles were made in Imperial Germany by the millions starting in the 1870's. They came in several colors...
  2. Lattice and Diamond Cobalt Poison Bottle

    Lattice and Diamond Cobalt Poison Bottle

    This is a tooled-lip lattice and diamond cobalt poison bottle that I dug on March 4th 2023. It dates to the 1890's.
  3. Tooled Cobalt Poison Bottle!

    Got out late today just before sunset. Only managed to dig one bottle from the clay, but it was well worth it! Here is the bottle in situ and immediately after extraction: The clay preserved it very well for over 100 years. That's the trade off for digging in clay, the bottles are...
  4. River Hunt Finds

    River Hunt Finds

    Some finds from a river.
  5. Identifying and value. I think fenton not sure

    I think this is fenton not sure. No Id marks.
  6. Dark blackish blue transparent stone

    I found this while digging a creek bed in Central Kansas Today. There is no way it is obsidian or flint by its color and transparency but I'm not too sure what forms the cubical fracture patterns. When I first discovered these pieces it was a single pane of cubical glass like dark gray stone. it...
  7. Ellensburg Blue, Matching set, Diamond cut, 7.82mm wide awesome?

    This is my first post here, my hobbies include Magic the gathering, pokemon cards, collectables, and finding treasure in all it's forms, I'd like to get more into the metal detecting stuff in the future, but for the past 20 or so years I just find cool stuff wherever I can, and do my best to...
  8. Blue Thing

    I found this yesterday, any ideas much appreciated. Also is there a specific forum where I could find someone that could help me date pottery?
  9. Blue that looks pink in the light?

    Found this last night just before the sun went down. Its weird transparency is interesting to say the least? Anybody have info? I would appreciate any comments or input!

    Need help finding out exactly what this is!!!! Any photo of same or similar would help!!! Or a link to a sit that can help would be great!!!!! Thanks
  11. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! What is this, BLUE QUARTZ?

    Please help is you can!!!! I know the white vein is quartz, but is the blue quartz as well? I am new... Thanks in advance!!!!
  12. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What is this????

    Hi, I am driving myself crazy trim to find out what this is. Its seems to be blue quartz, with a crystal white quartz vein but I have no idea and would love some help and like to hear your input. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  13. Blue green ceramic vase greek?

    Picked this ceramic vase up thrifting. It has what looks like a thin blue glaze with some green mixed in on the outside and inside. There is a floral pattern engraved with some greek looking trim around the top. I don't have a clue as to what it is or where it originated. Any help is...
  14. What is this? Odd Blue Rock/Mineral/Agate??

    I have had this for a while now, I can't even remember where it came from. But I have no idea what it is. Any ideas? It's about 2" by 1" and has a lot of detail in the lines etc.
  15. 4 day dig best of and auction heads pontil soda

    4 days of digging horde shot: Some of these including the C.Cleminshaw soda are up for auction right now on ebay. Most auctions ending in the mid aftertnoon Sunday eastern time.
  16. ❎ SOLD Blue Max 350 Snooper Coil

    I have for sell or trade a very clean Blue Max 350 Snooper Coil. I used it with my XLT and it was the best coil I ever used in trashy areas. I sold my XLT and no longer need it. $75 shipped. Postal Money Order only - NO PAYPAL. If you are near Jonesboro, AR then local pick-up would be fine. It...
  17. Unkown bllue crystals ID help please!!

    Unkown blue crystals ID help please!! My first post so I thought I would post about this piece. Me and a friend were in an area where we were digging up quartz crystals, some pretty good size 4-5" long. in about 4 hours we ended up with 2 5 gallon buckets full, we had to be careful because my...
  18. Rock Identification. Any help is appreciated. :]

    I found these 2 stones. From another post, I think I have an Amethyst (the purple), but I have no idea what this blue one is. The way all the blues come together is almost psychedelic. And then there are little white crystals in the middle. The edge is rough all around and have blues and white...