1. John Eichler Tooled Crown Beer Bottle (1890's-1900's).

    John Eichler Tooled Crown Beer Bottle (1890's-1900's).

    I have found many tooled blob and tooled crown John Eichler beer bottles over the years, but this appears to be a scarce large script variant that I have never encountered before on a tooled crown. Tooled crown variants typically have very small script. This variant is large like on the old blobs.
  2. 19th Century Soda Bottle

    19th Century Soda Bottle

    Found this blob-top soda bottle on June 3rd. It appears to be an applied blob. It has no embossing. 1870's-1880's.
  3. Burt Brothers Bottles

    Burt Brothers Bottles

    Two different variant Burt Brothers bottles from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. They are both pre-prohibition era tooled bottles. Found in Scranton Pennsylvania 5/1/2024.
  4. South Carolina Dispensary "Skinny jo-jo" bottle -value Forum

    Does anyone know a value? I dug all my bottles during 1969-1972. They have been boxed up since. In 2024 I know valauble/not valuable in most cases, but have no idea about how that translates to 2024 currency amounts. The bottle is in dug condition with no cracks or structural damage. There are...
  5. Transitional Hutchinson Bottle

    Transitional Hutchinson Bottle

    This is an unusual Hutchinson-style bottle belonging to the Ideal Mineral Water Manufacturing Company. While it retains a Hutchinson-style body, its neck is more elongated and its blob is larger than typical allowing it to use a variety of closures in addition to just a Hutch stopper.
  6. Theo Young Beer Bottle

    Theo Young Beer Bottle

    This is a tooled-crown amber beer bottle. The Theo Young company operated between 1897-1915.
  7. D. G. Yuengling Beer Bottle - Rare 19th C. NYC Variant

    We all know Yuengling beer is Pennsylvania's greatest beer, but did you know that in the 1880's and 90's they also brewed in New York City? This is one of their NYC based beer bottles made some time in the 1880's until 1897 when David Yuengling Jr. sold the NYC venture to the Betz & Son’s...
  8. Privy Help

    Pro: I just probed my first privy, a brick liner! (Edit: I thought it was a brick liner at first, it definitely was not) Con: First three bottles were all ketchup bottles, from around 1930. Found about 3 feet down. Question: I haven’t dug the whole privy, just a little bit down. It seemed that...
  9. 5 Cent Milk Bottle

    5 Cent Milk Bottle

    An interesting little milk bottle from the first quarter of the 20th century.
  10. 1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda Bottle

    1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda Bottle

    Founded in 1857 this company purported to be the first sellers of Ginger Ale in the USA. This bottle dates to 1895 (date embossed on base). B&B declared bankruptcy in 1903. Bottle recovered 10/26/23.
  11. Empire Graduated Nurser 'Murder Bottle' (BIM)

    Empire Graduated Nurser 'Murder Bottle' (BIM)

    This is a hand tooled baby bottle from the 1890's-1910's. It's also known as a murder bottle since its turtle-shape made it difficult to clean and thus a vector for bacteria which killed many babies.
  12. Pre-Civil War Stoneware Bottle

    Pre-Civil War Stoneware Bottle

    The bottle is stamped 'A&W FEYH'. The initials stand for Alexander & William Feyh, who operated out of Manhattan in the 1850's. According to my references this bottle dates to approximately 1859.
  13. Evers-Rehm Co. Seltzer Bottle

    Evers-Rehm Co. Seltzer Bottle

    Seltzer bottle from the Evers-Rehm Co. of 419-421-423 E. 24th St. NEW York. This bottle was made by B.&M. S. Co. - the Bottler's & Manufacturer's Supply Company of Long Island City, New York, which operated from 1897-1920. It has a tooled crown and a tiny one inch wide base, very unstable.
  14. Tincture of Iodine Poison Bottle

    Tincture of Iodine Poison Bottle

    This is a tooled-lip Tincture of Iodine poison bottle. Back then seeing an image of Skull & Crossbones on something still filled people with fear, not romanticized images of pirates we think of nowadays.
  15. Skull & Crossbones Poison Bottle, Huge Clay Marble Hoard, etc.

    Excavated all of this today: From one tiny area I dug 34 clay marbles, 3 glass marbles, and several particularly round acorns and chestnuts (two of them pictured bottom left in the picture above). I can only imagine the acorns and chestnuts served as marble substitutes. Some were so round...
  16. Lehing's Beverages Quality Supreme

    Lehing's Beverages Quality Supreme

    This is a Lehing's Beverages soda bottle from 1924. The company operated at 404-406 Jackson Ave. Long Island City N.Y.
  17. Charles J. Fritz

    Charles J. Fritz

    This is a circle slug plate embossed blob top bottle for Charles J. Fritz from the Bowery Bay House that once stood on 294-296 Steinway Ave. in what was then Long Island City but is now Astoria Queens. Bottle dates from 1900-1910.
  18. Mary T. Goldman Hair Tonic

    Mary T. Goldman Hair Tonic

    This is a Mary T. Goldman hair tonic bottle from St. Paul Minnesota. It is machine-made and dates from about 1920-1924. Excavated May 8th 2023.
  19. Blobs, Meds, Stoneware, 1893 Whistle, etc. (May 7th 2023)

    These are all finds from a dig I conducted last evening at my 1924-capped landfill, May 7th 2023: The large bottles include: 1. Tooled blob C. V. Garrison Flushing L.I. made by the Karl Hutter bottling works in 1908. 2. Tooled blob amber bottle, no markings. 3. Machine-made Artic Fruit Juice...
  20. C. V. Garrison Blob Top Beer Bottle

    C. V. Garrison Blob Top Beer Bottle

    This bottle was made in 1908 at the Karl Hutter bottle and glass factory. I excavated it on May 7th 2023.