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  1. Need some help Identifying Mystery Item??

    Hi Guys and Gals, I am new here and found something today out detecting that has stumped me!! No shank, very thick, slightly larger than a dime. Markings on the inside are a pitcher, I think a sword, and a crown with the letter G under it. I have no idea. It looks like a button but dont see...
  2. dog button??

    found this today, does any have any info on this button?? found at a mid 1700’s mill
  3. True Whigs of 76 & 34 Button find

    So, I mostly hunt for coins and jewelry. I have not been bitten by the relic bug. I have seen many videos about relic hunting and they just don't interest me. That being said, I may be ready to change my mind about relic hunting. On Sunday, I was hunting a local school looking for coins and...
  4. 1 cent 1956 mexican coin or button?

    I had found this little coin a few months back, but had thought it was a button. After some research I realized it’s actually a 1 cent 1956 coin from Mexico, it says ‘Estados Unidos Mexicanos’. Except on the back it appears to look like a button loop. So I thought maybe someone made the coin...
  5. Deer head Button ID

    Found this little dude in the desert by Las Cruces, NM. Chimed in around 80-84 on the ATPro. Looks like a deer/elk head embellished on the front. Possible button, maybe Rosette? Please help with ID of manufacturer and Date. Thanks, Jobrian
  6. Coat of arms. Military? Modern or old?

    Found button detecting.
  7. Button ID and possibly value HELP

    I found a button on the side of a river a couple years ago while hiking in northern Wisconsin and I still dont know much about it. It's a P.B.C.O Patented Dec. 9 1924 button but theres no company brand name or anything on the inside. and unlike other buttons of this type ive looked at, its made...
  8. Civil war site finds, need ID and info on some

    Hey all, I recently found out about an old Civil War hospital site back in the woods near my town. It's now just a pile of bricks, but I found LOTS of glass and some iron, and possibly a button. I asked a metal detectorist friend once what the white porcelain fragments are and he said "a good...
  9. Found on “Button Island"

    Would you help me to identify any or all of the buttons found at the site of a former shoddy woolen mill? Would be much appreciated. I’m a newbie to this site. Here’s hoping the photo attaches. :-)
  10. Button help, PLEASE

    Found these today , not any markings as far as I can tell. Both appear to be brass or copper . The larger one is flat and the other one is thicker in the middle. Thanks, dave
  11. Square button?

    Looks like a flat button This came out of the ground corroded. It was put through a limited electrolysis and then a copper cleaner. These two steps helped reveal the surface detail, which is a seven-petal flower on the front(sunflower?) and a missing shank on the back. This appears to be a...
  12. Button experts I need your help please give me any info you have on this button

    Found in a park dated 1904 Thought it might be boy scouts but not sure anymore. Please help with any suggestions and possible date . Its a 2 piece button but back is totaled. Thanks for any help Happy hunting MackDog
  13. Button needs IDing please????

    I hunt only for civil war relics..dug this today but can't find in my Alberts book.... No backmark as its rusted out..
  14. Help date button

    This is what I know. Scovil Waterbury.Aprox. 1/2 in.Dia. (Front) Eagle,olive branch in right talon,arrows in left,Stars suround outer edge,Flat top shield, background lined.(back) Scovil waterbury,Dots around loop.
  15. ✅ SOLVED Another possible rare button?

    This was also found digging in the front yard in Charleston. We cleaned it up with some naval jelly. It's a flat button with what appears to be a version of the presidential seal on it. The top banner says 'E Pluribus Unum' and the back says 'Gilt'. How old is this, and who would've worn it...