1. Button Collecting!

    Hello, I am currently doing a project on collecting in particular reference to buttons. I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide me information on their own button collecting. I was wondering how the collection came about? - why do you collect buttons? How do you collect/store the...
  2. Military Button

    Not exactly treasure, but does anybody know where this French military button is from??
  3. !100+ BUTTONS!

    100 hundred + buttons today! found a little cache and have a long way to go. this the same area from my previous post. 1861 Indian A nice 30mm I was super pumped with this! Its my first. I spent 7 hours right in that spot in the left picture. I never left the frame of that picture. It was...
  4. Unknown Button & Spark Plug?

    Found this first item at an old school house. I would assume it's something automotive, maybe an old spark plug kind of thing? Any ideas? This button was found around an old trading post. I'm not sure if it's actually military or not? Any ideas would be welcomed.
  5. New Girl from Savannah

    Hello, all. I have enjoyed the photos on this site for a couple of years now. Forgive me for lurking and in advance for any newbie breaches of forum etiquette. I have gathered quite a few "treasures" over my years, but very little official knowledge as far as identification for a lot of them. I...
  6. Could anyone tell me anything about these buttons?

    I got a bag of brass buttons at a yard sale and these are some of them. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Its big silver day!!!

    It's big silver day!!! I had a feeling it was going to be a good day today. Lakemonster and I went to a spot in a small north east Texas town that has, obviously, been overlooked or poorly hit by other MD'ers!! I'm getting too old for all of the up and down stuff, but, it was worth it...
  8. OLD "dancing couple" button found under a torn down school built in the 1800s

    OLD "dancing couple" button found under a torn down school built in the 1800's Does anyone have an idea on the age and origin of this button? Thanks!
  9. Need help identifiying old button/scarf tie?

  10. Bone Buttons

    Anyone know the value on a group of old bone buttons like this? I'm not sure the age or any other info...
  11. Anyone know anything about old bone buttons?

    Hey! I'm trying to get some info on these old bone buttons. Anyone know anything about them? How old they are or what they could be worth? Any info would be great!! Thanks!!
  12. Trying to get some info on my button collection.

    Hey! I love to collect things and I recently acquired a very interesting collection of buttons. I'm just here to get some info on them. If you could let me know what you think of this set it would be great. Trying to figure age and material for the most part. What they are worth would be nice...
  13. Hessian Soldiers Button ?

    Hello , I am new to this forum,but I have been metal detecting for years.I wanted to get some opinion on a button I dug near Fort Adams In Newport RI.I know the Hessians were here for a few years.All the other buttons I have seen have the Eagle on it,and mine didn't,so I researched how the...
  14. A book about buttons?

    Can anyone recommend a book for identifying/collecting buttons? Is there some button bible out there? Thanks!! ~b.
  15. Estate Sale 14k 925 830s and buttons

    Hi all It's been a long time since I have posted some finds so here are some from today... BTW if anybody knows some of the buttons please post info :) I will be researching them this week.. Sorry if the pics are to big or out of order..
  16. Bermuda Treasures

    In the 1800's...the British Military, Bermuda Hospital & Convict Hulk Ships were all near this site. Thousands of artifacts recovered, ten of thousands more. A 10 ounce silver mug was recovered this past summer.

    Hello All, As dey say down here, "I'm gonna told you a story." :D So, feel free to click "Play" and listen to this soundtrack while you look... 8-) Well, it was time for a hunt, and I was ready to claw my way out of the bustling small town and get out to those cane fields again! So...
  18. Need Help with These Buttons - Marked Meyer on Front

    I got these 5 buttons out of a bigger lot in an auction and I can't find any information on them. I have been able to find info on the NS Meyer co and even the SN Meyer co but I'm not even sure if these buttons are from either one of those companies. Any info would be greatly appreciated. They...
  19. John Bowen & Co. Extra Rich Gilt flat button

    I dug up 2 John Bowen & Co. Extra Rich flat buttons while metal detecting. I can't find anything about them on the internet. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.