1. Closed my eyes for a minute…

    I had a migraine so I laid down and turned on some soothing true crime 😳🤣. When I opened my eyes about two-feet from my face was my Odin…this is what I saw. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. She stole my pillow 🤣

    ..and my heart. 🤣🤣 Yes, my best friend is this cat. My Rose.
  3. Trying to read the news…

    My Rose scootched her way into my lap blocking my view of my Kindle and stared at me for a bit with this face. Have a great day ☀️ ⛅️
  4. Luxor - Ancient or not?

    Hi - I would be really grateful for some help with these two items. An amulet cat and a Bes image amulet (I think). I bought them years ago from a guy outside some tombs - who said he had found them. I have no idea if he was being honest or making a few quid from the tourists - but I liked...
  5. Found an Unknown Felix the Cat Film + Rare Old B/W Animation

    Today, I found an old reel with black and white film of "Felix the Cat" film. It is titled "Bobbed Tails". There are no credits. Just starts and ends with the cat action. I think it is one of the missing or previously unknown films because it is not listed anywhere. . ???
  6. Dutch Harbor Alaska backyard menangerie

    just amazing,she has more short clips of animals in her yard in,Dutch Harbor, Alaska The Eagles, My Cats and A Fox all Visit. Published on Jun 17, 2012 by pla1554alaska