1. Old Silver Bear’s foot ring with turquoise and coral...

    am trying to find anything out about this ring. The marking on it is not one I’ve seen before amd it does not have any marks indicating it’s silver but I was told it was. That it was common when it was made and the type of Indian jewelry it is, they didn’t stamp their items often. Just a makers...
  2. Not sure what it is? Possible coral? Indiana

    I found this while I was on a hike and I took my kids to the creek near the trail. It looks like there’s some sort of crystal growing in a couple of holes too. I checked some stuff out so I’m not sure if it’s solicified coral or what. It’s pretty heavy and about the size of a baseball. These...
  3. Key West Fossils

    Any help with these would be much appreciated. I found them on the South side of Key West Island.
  4. Possible coral fossil?

    Posted in Rocks/Gem and didn’t hear from anyone, but did have someone suggest fossilized coral on another website? Curious what this is!!
  5. Cannon Swivel?

    found this item and 2 other iron pieces encrusted in about 2-3 inches of coral. I'd like to know what it came from as there are no documented wrecks near where i found these items. thanks