Possible coral fossil?


Nov 23, 2019
South Dakota
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Posted in Rocks/Gem and didn’t hear from anyone, but did have someone suggest fossilized coral on another website? Curious what this is!!

I think it's just two types of quartz cemented together. The grains were "almost quartz crystals".

Yes, it is a VERY highly worn remains of a coral fossil. That honeycomb pattern is the giveaway.

With that said, the two types together reference an ancient magma melt. Any gold nearby?

No, not that I’m aware of. There has been gold found 350 some miles away in the black hills, but now I’m going to have to look closer in the area I found this. I’m glad it caught my eye!

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Is it just time that would cause the worn honeycomb pattern? I’ve never came across something like this ever.

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I attached a video if anyone wants to take a look, it has some really cool markings along with the honeycomb pattern

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